Calling the KGB

(photo credit: Sean Drellinger)

Confession: My cell phone is a cell phone. Period.

Confession #2: My cell phone bill is $0 a month.

To understand these confessions, you need to know a little bit more about me.

First, I am frugal to a fault. I will look tacky, dress uncomfortably, or put myself in danger (i.e. travel without a cell phone) if it will save me a buck.

Second, I am my daddy’s little girl. So while my husband and I do very nicely on our own, thank you very much, my dad still likes to “help out” with a few small things here and there. That may mean treating when we grab take out during his visits or picking up the tab if he’s along to Home Depot (not always, but hey…). But the sweet deal is that a few years ago he tacked me on to his family cell plan for a small amount a month….and never sent me the bill.

So as everyone around me purchases super savvy Smart Phones or even Smart Phones 2.0 (geesh, I’m not even in on the second wave), I still sit here with my ugly little phone that is helpful in so much as I can call people during emergencies. But it’s free. FREE.

But that has caused many a predicament. Take the last time my family went shopping, for example, and we realized that we needed to run to the nearest IKEA, only because we were already off the beaten path, we weren’t quite sure how to get to the nearest IKEA. And then there was the time that my husband and I were out on a date and tried to use the display smart phone at Best Buy to find the nearest Italian restaurant…

All of this was driving me towards finally breaking down and paying for a smarter phone until I heard about KGB – Knowledge Generation Bureau. I first learned of KGB when I saw that guy from Hunter – you remember that show from the 80’s, right? – in this ad. Then I was given the opportunity to try KGB for free for a week. Knowing me the way you do now, you’ll know that I jumped on that free opportunity right away.

KBG works like this: You’re out and about with only your internet-free (gasp!) cell phone and you realize you have a question. Perhaps you need directions, the correct time, or you would like to finally settle an argument with that obnoxious mom on the playground. You simply text your question to KGBKGB (542542) and hit send. For 50 cents per text (standard text messaging rates apply) you can find an answer to your questions!

I was not sure how I would use this service until I found myself with some questions at Blissdom last weekend. My first question came when I walked into my hotel room to find the clock one hour different than my watch. Now I’m not a complete geographic moron, but I somehow missed that Nashville is in the Central Time Zone! I simply texted KGB to get the time zone details. I continued to enjoy the service through the weekend as silly questions needed answering such as, “Who was that lady who starred with Bruce Willis on Moonlighting?” Answer: Cybil Shephard.

Now that I’ve found KBG, I’m pretty sure I can live just a bit longer without purchasing a fancy pants phone. After all, you all know that fifty cent charge is going to daddy….

Written by: Amy

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