Bungalow Tote Review and Giveaway – Friday Featured Giveaway 2 of 2

Hi, my name is Amy, and I’m a tote bag addict.

I’m not sure how it started, but I have a tote bag obsession.  If I were to place blame, I would choose Walt Disney World, but I’d have to share culpability with the Blissdom Conference.  While I certainly am not going to pretend that I’d never used a tote prior to 2008, it was this bag that started the collection:

That was in December of 2008.  Just two months later I received the next tote in the collection, and its blue friend arrived exactly one year later.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Despite my growing collection of totes, I still like to pick one up as an inexpensive souvenir while on vacation, and I’ve now received at least one tote bag from every conference that I’ve attended.  It was on a flight from Asheville to Charlotte on the way home from the Type-A Mom Conference last September when I met someone who would later introduce me to Bungalow. She saw that rather than a backpack or a small suitcase, I shoved a tote bag under the seat in front of me with my feet before take-off, and my tote addiction was exposed.  Clearly she’s an enabler, because look what I found when I clicked on the Bungalow Totes that she sent me.

It was like the mother ship had landed.

They’ve got the Classic Scout totes with awesome, squared bottoms that keep things from going all crazy when you pick them up, and the Multi-Pocketed Scout Totes that have homes for little doodads and places to slip everything from your gardening gear to your shampoo.  Then there are the school and work backs from the Gotcha Back…pack to the Instant Messenger Bag.  And don’t forget the Jumbo Scout Totes that are great for travel or just hauling gear.  And you want to make sure your goodies don’t fall out all over the floor of the plane when you kick your tote under the seat in front of you, right?  Then how about a Zip-Top Scout Tote that you can actually fold up and store inside a duffle as an extra bag.  You know…in case you go on vacation and buy more totes.  You think that’s all?  Oh ho ho, that is very much not all.  Don’t forget the Market Scout Totes that are better than paper, plastic, and those not-so-cute reusable grocery bags currently lining the trunk of your car.  And who can forget the On-the-Go Scout Totes with water resistant laptop sleeves perfect for those of you who often spill when you travel.

Phew.  They sure offer more than large, medium, and small, don’t they?

So what do I love about these totes?  I love the variety, the color choices, and the price.  The supah cool Uptown Girl, for example, is only $30. I also love that they wipe clean.  My canvas bags are impossible to clean, and when you’re dropping your tote at the foot of your chair all the live long day, they’re bound to get dirty.  Another giant plus?  The lightweight and durable polywoven material is not only reusable, but it’s made o 10% polypropylene.

What don’t I love?  The sound.  It’s the only negative I could come up with for this review, but it is a noticeable one.  I think that as I use the totes more they’ll likely have less crunch to their munch, but right now it is taking some getting used to….but I think I’ll get over it.

Who Wants a Tote?

I had the pleasure of reviewing the incredibly spacious Dean-O with more storage space than your standard Manhattan apartment as well as the Pocket Rocket, which boasts my two favorite tote features: pockets and top zippers.  I also have been authorized to give one of YOU a $50 voucher to use at Bungalow. Who’s ready to join me in my addiction?

To Enter to Win

1. Mandatory – Visit Bungalow at http://bungalowco.com and then comment here with your favorite tote

BONUS Entries

1. Visit Bungalow and comment here with your favorite pattern or color collection

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This contest is open to US residents age 18 or older and ends Friday, January 14th at 11:59 p.m. ET.  Product was provided both for review and to give away.  This addiction and my opinions are my own, as is my clutter, which is now nicely housed in a tote from Bungalow! home of SCOUT.  Good luck!

Written by: Amy

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