Brita Twitter Party with Mamavation

It’s time to party again with @Bookieboo and the Mamavation gang!  The official invitation from Leah follows…

Unless you are living in a cave somewhere in the Arizona desert, you’ve most likely heard of Brita Water Filtration Systems and The Biggest Loser. Brita is an official sponsor of the Biggest Loser and their water products are used there all the time.

When I started my weight loss journey (taking me from a size 22 to a size 6) one of the first things I did was kick the soda to the curb and drink more water. Yes, more water. And its a very simple thing to do. Water is such a precious resource. Nothing can thrive without it. Okay, maybe rocks. Fine.

Brita would like you all to join us on Tuesday, September 20th from 8-10pm EST for a party on twitter during the airing of the Biggest Loser. What are we celebrating exactly? Well, part of it is a secret. Shhhhhhh! (And because I’m afraid of the black men in suits I’m not saying ANYTHING…until the day of the party.)  And the other part I CAN tell you. Brita is all about water and health. Those are the two things we are focusing on during this party.


When is the party?: Tuesday, September 20th from 8-10pm EST

What is the hashtag?: #BRITACHALLENGE

What the heck is a twitter party? Click here for that answer.

Panelists (Awesomesauce Engagement Leaders):

1. @Bookieboo –Hostess with the Mostess

2. @Resourcefulmom– Twitter Oprah (that means giveaways yo!)

3. @Mizfitonline

4. @Roninoone

5. @InspiredRD

6. @TheAntiJared

7. @Fitbottomedgirl

8. @Healthylosergal


Brita gift basket with Water Pitcher, water bottle, and Biggest Loser DVD (8 winners)

UPDATED: Two (2) winners will each receive a $100 Visa gift card!

How to Enter:

Visit the party post on Mamavation to enter to win!

Written by: Amy

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