Boar’s Head Holiday Twitter Party

The holidays are here and it’s time for entertaining!  Join me as we party with Boar’s Head, the makers of delicious Old World Delicacies and amazing recipes like the Holiday Ovengold® Turkey Wreath.  We’ll also be chatting with style consultant Jackie Rogers about holiday entertaining tips.  I can’t wait to party with you at the…

Boar’s Head Holiday Twitter Party

When: Tuesday, December 13th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

Where: #BoarsHeadHoliday

How: To participate be sure to tweet with the party tag and follow the sponsor @Boars_Head, special guest @StyleJackie, and host @ResourcefulMom


  • 15 prize winners- $25 American Express gift cards to put towards the purchase of Boar’s Head
  • 1 grand prize winner- $100 American Express gift card to put towards the purchase of Boar’s Head


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  • JoeyfromSC

    I am so sad that I will miss this party! I NEVER miss a Boar’s Head party lol..I have plans already tomorrow night:(

    Y’all have fun!


    • JoeyfromSC

      WOW, very generous prizes you added:) I was attending regardless haha..but thanks!!

  • @kroshey

    Hope to participate!

  • mom4everever

    cannot wait

  • following_ivy

    Thank you sponsor @Boars_Head, special guest @StyleJackie, and host @ResourcefulMom ! I am really looking forward to the party 🙂

  • Looking forward to this party, just in time for holiday entertaining! Yummy!

  • missmimiwallace

    See ya there : )

  • @ChasingCate

    Love Boars Head!

  • JennYH

    I’ll be there! Thanks!!

  • lisa

    another yummy party! @cestallion

  • MIKE

    YAY ! Something for us guys 2 🙂 looking forward to it.

  • sounds like fun
    see ya there

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I’m looking forward to the party. Great way to relax after one of my finals.

  • @KatM21

    RSVP’ing @KatM21
    Love new idea’s on entertaining and cooking during Christmas, thank you Boar’s Head & Host’s.

  • zoeybear20

    Excited for the party!

  • ill be at the gym AND i’ll be there!

  • loveforlillie

    Sounds like fun=) Boars Head is my favorite!

  • Martina Ferguson

    Love Boars Head! So yummy @martiferg

  • Sheila Vives

    Boars Head Black Forest Ham is one of my favorites. And I love their Boars Head Mustard.

    Yay ! Arkansas !

  • Michelle Washburn

    Thanks for the party!

  • Scott Martin

    I have RSVP’ed and am ready for the party.

    Scott Martin

  • Elle Ann

    I love Boar’s Head. Make’s my mouth water every time I go to Publix!

  • I use Boar’s Head whole milk mozzerella to make fresh Chicago Style Deep dish pizza!! It’s the closest pizza I can get to missing Chicago pizza now that I am living on the west coast!!

  • Patrice

    This sounds like a great party!

  • So excited, can’t wait!!!!

  • Krissy T

    Can’t wait to party with y’all!


  • Christie Roberts

    LOVE Boar’s Head! Looking forward to the party.

  • Susan Audrey

    I’ll be there with bells on! Looking forward to it 🙂

  • Love your twitter parties! Can’t wait!

  • Megan


  • addrienne mertens

    oooo boarshead corned beef! awesome Reuben sandwich!

  • Stacey Sanchez

    I’m from WS, NC we love boars head there!

  • teresa harvey

    I’ll be tweeting with ya!

  • Tammy Welsh

    i follow @welshhavasu @boarshead @resourcefulmom @Stylejackie

  • D. Vargas

    Party sounds great! I’ll be there!

  • Kim Adams

    Oh my goodness I am so excited for this party my brother talks about how delicious you are and even bought home all kinds of meats for me and he wasn’t lying! Its ws the NOM! So super excited becuase I love boars head meats! Thank you

  • 1957chevyman

    Can’t wait

  • Cammi Hevener

    Woop Woop! Almost party time!

  • Linda Jones

    Boar’s Head, yummy. See you there.

  • @2doxies2

    Can’t wait!

  • Reggie Lim

    Thanks 🙂

  • @pickmepleeease

    My family uses Boar’s Head cheese. Should be a good party!

  • jodi adams

    Boar’s Head meats are the only ones my kids will eat!

  • @suzietable

    Sounds fun!

  • Jessica H

    I will be there @jwhenke

  • rena s

    I love Boars Head

  • alison

    I’ll be there! 🙂

  • Matthew H

    I love Boar’s Head, this will be an awesome party! @mjh215

  • lron

    just in time

  • Julie Sharwtz

    I love boars head @waterbluffy

  • @taniarealtor

    rsvping @taniarealtor!

  • @taniarealtor

    oops, sorry, I RSVPed 2x by mistake 🙁

  • saminder gumer

    cant wait for the party

  • Janet

    Love your parties!

  • Yay. Joining in now.

  • Linda F

    Better late than never

  • LOVE Boars Head Products – that is all we will buy!! @Creatively_GF

  • Iliana Blair

    Just got here

  • alena svetelska

    following all 3 on twitter;-)@alee1972