Bloggiversary SiteWarming This Wednesday!

This post has been updated again! 60 prizes, well over $1500 in swag…it’s time to enter and win!

It’s my one year bloggiversary, and I’m going to share my presents…


It was one year ago that I met a mom at a MOMS Club meeting named Jessica who told me about her son, her concerns about pre-school, and her website. A couple e-mails and one long phone call later and Resourceful Mommy was born.

This site developed from my own need to find personal and professional fulfillment beyond parenting, but not outside of my home. I knew immediately that I wanted to not only share a piece of myself, but also pieces of information that might help other parents. I never guessed then that one year later I would not only still be here, but also be writing for Type-A Mom and Blissfully Domestic, introducing Twitter users and readers to great new sites and businesses through my SiteWarming SM Parties, and working with clients to create fun blog campaigns for the Momfluence TM network.

July 22, 2008, I wrote my first two blog posts: One about my couch, Fernando, and one about the my Mustang, Sally. Both posts speak to what I was facing at the time – dealing with letting go of my own youth in the face of the responsibilities of parenthood.

Since then I have blogged about anything from letting go of anger, to letting go of gender stereotypes. I’ve passed on housekeeping tips and Disney travel advice and given away thousands and thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Through it all I have enjoyed sharing my life and my two growing businesses while finding a creative outlet and passing on fun opportunities to all of you. Now it is time to celebrate!

Join me Wednesday, July 22nd from 8 to 10 p.m. eastern time on Twitter as I throw a Bloggiversary SiteWarming Party! Many of us will be heading to BlogHer the next day, so what better way to kick off an exciting weekend then with a great party…with even better prizes?

It’s time to RSVP, grab the button, and get ready to party #resourcefulmommy style. Check back often for prize listings and ways to win.

Grab an RSVP Badge

Grab an RSVP Badge

How to Win:
Choose any or all of the options below. Be sure to leave a comment for each entry. Enter often for your best chance to win! Prizes will be announced this evening. This contest ends Wednesday, July 22nd at 10 p.m. eastern. All prizes will be awarded during the Twitter event. You do not need to be present to win.
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2. RSVP using Mr. Linky (above)
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9. Answer questions during the event.
10. Comment on any other blog post from my last year of blogging then come back here and tell me you did.
11. Visit the website of any of the sponsors below and come back and comment here.
12. Visit any of my “friend” sites (right sidebar) and come back and comment here.
13. Use Facebook? Tell your friends about my site and come back and comment here.
14. E-mail your mom/dad/grandparent friends and tell them about my site, then come back and comment here.
psst! Here’s a secret (shhh!). If you’re the 100th person to RSVP or the 150th person, you will automatically win a prize. 🙂
This just in! RSVP #300 is going to automatically win a prize as well!
The Bloggiversary Presents

Thank you so, so much to all of the PR and marketing firms as well as the many businesses, both big and small, who have contributed giveaways, review products, and sitewarming prizes over the last year.

Sponsored by Litzky PR and their clients:
The very first SiteWarming prize offer I received came from Catherine at Litzky PR, and I’ve enjoyed working with them every since. Thanks, ladies!

Super Soaker 50: To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Super Soaker, the retro look is back! The Super Soaker 50 is better than ever with it’s modern high-powered performance. To learn more go to (value: $14.99)

FurReal Friends Lil’ Patter Pup: The latest edition to the fun FurReal Friends collection, the Lil’ Patter Pup cannot wait to get moving! He loves to walk around and wag his tail, and if you show him his bone, he’ll sniff it and make eating noises! The Lil’ Patter Pup loves to be petted and will respond to touch by walking and barking happily. To purchase go to (value: $24.99)

– Hershey’s Miniatures Memory Sticks & Sweet Assortments: These Hershey’s Miniatures inspired memory sticks are the perfect way to store and share your photos, files, music, and more. Now you can add personality to your every day memory stick. when you’re finished, simply clip the stick onto your bag. Go to (value: $14.99 – $29.99)

– Shred Sled: For ages 8 and up, the Shred Sled is the next generation of caster board. The first 4-wheel, dual-deck inline caster board, the Shred Sled makes it smoother and easier to start carving up the streets. How it works: Shred Sled’s two boards and flexible connector allow both boards to rotate around the vertical and horizontal axes so it’s easy to maneuver the board. The best part is you don’t even have to push off! For better control and traction, each deck has a grip surface to maximize traction and stability while the concave decks make for better foot control. Great for strengthening the legs and waist muscles, Shred Sled encourages kids to get off the couch and get active outdoors. For more information go to (value: $119.99)

– Cherry Blossom Market and accessories: Playskool’s Cherry Blossom Market line of the Dream Town collection was a top holiday gift last winter season and continues to be a favorite of little girls everywhere. After shoppers peruse the market and visit the “pass-through” ice cream window, they can check out – the shopkeeper can “ring them up” with the cash register that has a real working drawer, a mechanical “ding” and a slot to swipe a play credit card; the shopper can pay with the credit card, paper money, or coins. The beautiful printed fabric shows the store interior on one side and the cherry blossom tree and exterior on the other. Included in this prize pack is the Cherry Blossom Produce Stand and Cherry Blossom Food Assortment, including fabric fruit and stand, a reusable shopping bag, and either the Fruit ‘n Cheese Please set or the Scoop ‘n Smile Sweet set. Check out the whole collection at (total value: approximately $95)

Sponsored by LeapFrog:

– LeapFrog Tag Junior Book Pal: From the makers of the wildy popular Tag Reading System comes the brand new reading system for children 2 to 4 years to inspire an early love of books. Designed with the littlest book lovers in mind, the Tag Junior brings board books to life with sounds and pre-school activities. The Tag Junior book pal is easy for parents and children to use. Parents can download audio for up to five books to the book pal, then let their toddlers explore. Each Tag Junior board book introduces a different preschool skill – such as the alphabet, counting or social play – through 24 playful activities and more than 130 audio responses. Open-ended questions and fun sound effects encourage children to take charge, as they touch any part of any page to bring words, pictures or activities to life. After their child has played, parents can connect the book pal to the online LeapFrog® Learning Path to see their child’s progress and get printable activities to expand the learning! (value: $34.99)

Sponsored by Kubit2Me:

Developed by Mary Kay Russell, mom-inventor-business owner-friend, the Kubit2Me line of games have brought the power of conversation to families everywhere. Lil’ Scholars gets the youngest members of your family talking and learning while Truth or Dare is perfect for your tween slumber party or girlfriend gathering. Now Your Talkin’ is perfect for the whole family to enjoy together, and be prepared, your family will become addicted to the open lines of communication that this line of games will inspire. For more information visit (3 winners, 1 game each- value: $24.99 per game)

Sponsored by @RazorUSA

Razor RipRider 360: This three-wheeled razor for children age five and older was a winner of the iParenting Media 2009 Excellent Products Award and the National Parenting Center 2009 Seal of Approval. For more information go to . (value: $129)

Razor A2 Kick Scooter: Can you believe that 2010 will mark the 10th anniversary of the original Razor kick scooter? For nearly ten years children everywhere have placed the Razor kick scooter on their wish lists. Will you win one for your child? (value: $49)

Sponsored by Gamewright Games:
My family discovered Gamewright when my now five year old daughter chose Rat-a-Tat Cat card game as the way to spend last year’s birthday money. Since then we’ve fallen in love with their unique and entertaining games for all ages. Gamewright has been gracious enough to let Emma choose her top four games to give to four winners Wednesday night.

– Feed the Kitty: Feed the Kitty is as simple as a cat’s life. Mice are on the menu, and as they move from place to place, it’s anyone’s guess who will end up hungry and who will get to have a full belly. Will you be caught catnapping or will you pounce into the lead? The answer is all in the roll of the dice. (value: $14.99)

– Too Many Monkeys: Primo the Monkey was fast asleep until his friends swung by for a surprise pajama party. Help Primo chase away the primate pranksters by flipping and swapping cards in numerical order. Watch out for elephants and giraffes who want to crash in on the fun. And if you’re lucky, draw a wild monkey card to clear out the room in one clean sweep. The first player to stop the monkey mayhem and get Primo back to bed wins. (value: $9.99)

– Sleeping Queens: A Royalty rousing Card Game. Rise and Shine! The Pancake Queen, The Ladybug Queen and ten of their closest friends have fallen under under a sleeping spell and it’s your job to wake them up. Use strategy, quick thinking and a little luck to wake these napping nobles from their royal slumbers. Play a knight to steal a queen or take a chance on a juggling jester. But watch out or wicked potions and dastardly dragon! The player who wakes the most queens wins. (value: $9.99)
– Boochie: There’s a new name in indoor and outdoor games Boochie. Whether you¿re hanging out in the back yard, or heading to the park or beach, we guarantee you¿re going have a blast playing this game. There are so many things to love about Boochie: from the active-play element, to the unique 12-sided rolling target, to the amazing variety of throwing challenges packed inside. No two games will ever be the same. Take note that all of the wrist trackers have completely different sets of challenges so be sure to try them all. Get out and play. (value: $29.99)

Sponsored by Hasbro Games and Hunter Public Relations:

3 winners! Connect 4X4: Take the challenge of the only 4-in-a-row game for 4 players. Doubling the grid and doubling the number of players creates more challenge and more fun! Take turns dropping a checker into the grid to create a line of 4 checkers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally… just like the original Connect 4. The double-sided grid allows you to make a line on either side, or by weaving through from one side to the other!

3 winners! Boggle (updated edition): Just shake up the lettered cubes, drop them into the grid and start the timer. Then race to see who can list the most words – with the highest point value – among the random letter assortment in the grid!

3 winners! Card Game Set: This fun set of card games includes a new twist on some old favorites. Each winner will receive Scrabble Slam, Monopoly Deal, and Littlest Pet Shop Go Fish.

Sponsored by Cocotier Boutique:

– $25 Gift Certificate: Cocotier Boutique offers a fun selection of unique and stylish children’s and baby clothing, shoes, and more. Their selection includes fashion from US and European designers such as Daily Tea, Appaman, Deux par Deux, Morgan & Milo, Little Twig, BabyLegs, and ToobyDoo.

Sponsored by KidzMed:

– 5-in-1 Thermofocus no touch thermometer: This is one of my favorite review products from my entire year of blogging because it not only works precisely as it claims, but it helped us to take our son’s illness seriously when he had pneumonia last winter. This no touch thermometer uses a sensor to take your child’s temperature without touching their skin, thus erasing the need to wake a sleeping, sick child or implore them to sit still for a long period of time. (value: $69.99)

– Medicine Dispensing Pacifier: Never worry again about your infant spitting out part of their medicine. Using this pacifier to dispense liquid medicine to your little one takes the guess work out of medicating your sick child. (value: $9.99)

Sponsored by Big Honcho Media:

new! – iPod Shuffle: Listen to your favorite tunes while working out, going for a walk, or just going about your daily business! This cute iPod Shuffle is sure to keep you rockin’.

new!5 winners!! B is for Bob: It’s Bob Marley….for the kids!! B is for Bob is a collection of original Bob Marley songs re-imagined for kids and fans of all ages!!
The international musical legend’s eldest son, four-time Grammy winner Ziggy Marley, executive produced the album, which bridges the gap between the timeless Bob Marley and a new generation of kids.
Bob Marley’s music touches people of all ages. With children in mind, Ziggy has transformed 8 of his father’s songs while leaving 4 of Bob Marley’s other masterpieces untouched.
Released just in time for summer, this is the perfect album for the entire family to enjoy!

Relax with DVD’s from Bender/Helper Impact:

– The Color of Magic – 3 winners! – For all those wizards in training who love Harry Potter, be sure to stay up to date with all wizardly and whimsical tales and keep the kids happy with The Color of Magic, from Genius Products and RHI Entertainment. Based on the first two books in best-selling author Terry Pratchett’s popular Discworld series, the sorcerous story begins in the magical realm of Discworld when an incompetent student is expelled from the university and is tasked with guiding a naive tourist through a city state.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight Season Four, Volume 2: The Big Move – 3 winners! – Remember the easier times in the life of the Gosselins when America’s favorite family made the big move from their small home to the their large estate with room enough for everyone – even their new four-legged friends!

Sponsored by Angie at Good for the Kids:

One lucky reader will win a $50 gift certificate to Good for the Kids, the one stop shop for everything from sippy cups to Melissa and Doug toys! Angie is always looking to find everything out there that is Good for the Kids.

Sponsored by Alex Casey Baby:
In the early days of SiteWarming Parties, Jill Notkin of Alex Casey Baby graciously volunteered to be a panelist in this strange new world of paneled discussions on Twitter. She has once again graciously offered to contribute to this celebration by donating these lovely prizes.

2 winners! – Zoobie Pets: A Zoobie Pet is a 3-in-1 friend that transforms from a stuffed animal to a pillow to a snuggly blanket. The perfect companion for any child, this award winning plush is incredibly simple to use. The durable easy fasten Velcro latches are child friendly and easily transform the animals into cuddly pillows. The durable zips located on the bottoms easily unzip, exposing the inner blankets (which can also be detached from the animals for easy washing). (value: $30 each)

Sponsored by Childhood Clothing:

Choice of One Bottle Pet: These adorable bottle pets make feeding fun! Choose from a cow, octopus, turtle, pig, monkey, frog or lion. (value: $22)

Sponsored by Avon representative Haley Quarles of Love, Life, Family and Then Some:

– Footworks Watermelon 6 Piece Set: This scrumptious prize features 2 exfoliating foot scrubs, 2 cooling foot lotions, foot spray gel, and a deluxe toenail clipper. With the summer coming to a close, isn’t it time to treat yourself…and your feet? (value: $30)

Sponsored by Your Baby Can Read:

One winner will receive the Deluxe Kit of the wildly popular Your Baby Can Read learning system. Use the DVD’s, eraser board, easy to follow instructions, and other materials to introduce your little one to basic sitewords and reading. (value: $199)

Sponsored by Sara Bozich:
Hershey: A Guide to the Town Built on Chocolate:

Having grown up in central Pennsylvania, I spent quite a bit of time in Hershey, PA, attending musical performances, enjoying the HersheyPark, and touring the chocolate factory. But there is so much more to Hershey than just chocolate and roller coasters. Learn more about this amazing town and what it has to offer your family this summer travel system with this new guide by Harrisburg native and blogger, Sara Bozich. This book goes into detail about dining, attractions, and accomodations. It also features sections on recommendations, sample itineraries, and day trip ideas to Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and Gettysburg. (value: $13.95)

Sponsored by My Good Greetings:

– $50 Gift Certificate: features beautiful, high-quality, customizable birth announcements, photo cards, invitations, and stationary printed on 100% recycled, FSC Certified papers in an eco-conscious way.

Since launching last September, they’ve had their first official Eco-Audit and learned that they – and their customers – have saved the following resources: 12 fully grown trees, 2,531 gallons of water, 5 million Btu’s of energy and they’ve spared mother nature 554 pounds of solid waste and 936 pounds of greenhouse gasses. To learn more go to

Sponsored by Hybrid Mom:

Ten Hybrid Mom Subscriptions – each valued at $11.95:

Hybrid Mom is committed to helpign each Mom nurture her own ambitions, in a world where so much is demanded of her. They understand her needs. They believe in her ability. They see her potential. They proudly provide her the inspiration, tools,a nd opportunity she needs to succeed. It is not about whether you are a WAHM, a SAHM, or a WOHM. Everyone has their ideal balance and their own ambition. Hybrid Mom just wants moms to come together as a community to support and empower one another!

Sponsored by Picnik:

– One 6-month premium subscription to Picnik: I use Picnik to create all of the graphics that I use on my site, in my e-mails, and with my personal photos! The chance to use the premium features of this online photo program open up a whole new world of options. You won’t believe how wonderful this service truly is until you’ve tried it!

Sponsored by @GroceryOutlet:

– One $100 Grocery Outlet Gift Card! – Grocery Outlet Bargin Markets offer extreme bargains on brand name merchandise, with prices often up to 50% less than conventional grocery stores. Stores are all locally owned and operated with locations in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Idaho. To find a store near you visit the store finder at: .

Sponsored by Perlabella:

– 30 Day Supply of Perlabella anti-aging serum: Just in time to counter-act the effects of the sun, this prize will bring you 30 days of anti-aging skin treatment to help you looked refreshed and ready to go!

Written by: Amy

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