Black Friday Shopping Tips


It’s almost hard to believe that we’re just a week out from Black Friday! Holiday preparations are in full swing over here and I’m excitedly preparing my gift lists for family and friends.

For me, it’s important to make the most of my holiday gift budget, so I am always looking out for the best deals on the things my family wants and needs. Black Friday sales are a great way to stretch your money, but shopping on the busiest day of the year can be a bit of a nightmare.

If you plan to take advantage of the great deals, here are some tips to help you navigate Black Friday with as little frustration as possible.

BlackFridayCollageDo your research – The papers and mailboxes will be stuffed full of Black Friday ads this week, but you can get started online long before. Sites like and post leaked ads from multiple retailers, making it easy to create a plan of attack for your shopping trip.

Shop from home first – Many retailers offer Black Friday sales price on some items earlier in the week. Start checking early and buy online to avoid lines and items being sold out on the big day. On the night before Thanksgiving, I am often up until the wee hours cooking and pick up a lot of great deals while I wait for things to finish up in the oven.

Make a list – Black Friday shopping needs a plan. With the large crowds and changes to store layouts, it’s not a great day to just go out browsing. Create a list of stores need to hit and deals you are after and keep your eyes on the prize!

Find some shopping pals – Shopping with friends is just more fun! Make it a girls’ outing with your besties or take an older child who loves to shop. Be sure to carpool so you’re only hunting for one parking spot in those crowded lots.

Price check online while you shop– Take along your smartphone and cross check the deals you find with Amazon as you’re shopping. Sometimes, you’ll find that they have matched or beat retailers’ Black Friday deals on the fly, so you can save money or at least save yourself a wait in line.

Divide and conquer – Got multiple doorbuster items that you need? Take along a shopping buddy and split up. You’ll have a better chance at getting limited stock items if you can be in two places at once. Just keep in mind that some big ticket items are limited to one per person when in stores.

Pack snacks – Have some small snacks and a water bottle or two in your bag to stave off hunger while you’re standing in line. You might want to hold out for those Thanksgiving leftovers waiting at home, but there’s nothing that will spoil a shopping day faster than getting “hangry”.

Take a backup charger – With all the price checking as you shop, browsing social media while waiting in line, and texting your shopping pals to regroup, your phone battery could die pretty quickly. Have a backup charger so you can stay connected while you’re out and about.

Are you planning to shop on Black Friday? What are your best tips when shopping?

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  • Great tips. They all are useful in one or another way. Will try to follow them all. Thank you for sharing with us.