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Even Wonder Woman needs a little help from time to time, so as moms we know the importance of tricks and tips to aid us in safely caring for our children and helping them to grow and develop into caring, responsible adults. I recently had the good fortune of stumbling across a few great products to help moms do their jobs – and there’s nothing that I love better than resourceful new parenting tricks.

Anyone who is a fan of Dumbo remembers the feather. You know the one – Dumbo could fly, only he didn’t believe in himself. He needed something to inspire confidence. Leave it to good old Timothy the mouse to come up with the idea of the Magic Feather. Dumbo believed that holding this feather in his trunk gave him the ability to fly. It wasn’t until he dropped it that Timothy convinced him he could do it on his own, and he believed in himself because the feather had proved to him that the power was inside of him all along.

Helpful Hallie’s provides moms with a magic feather of sorts. These cute little bottles of unscented, hypo-allergenic spray with tiny “magic stars” give your little ones the extra courage they need to push through frustrating situations, tackle that sad moment of separation at bedtime, take a deep breath and use a calmer voice, even share with a sibling – all by helping them to rely on their own strengths. You may have used something like this yourself. In graduate school I sprayed a lavender scent at night to help my mind relax and allow me to fall asleep more easily after a stressful day. Did the lavender help? Maybe. But you know what helped – the routine! Just the feeling like I was taking a moment to say, okay, the day is done, I can relax now and get the rest that my body needs was enough. For some kids, a little spritz into the air from a teddy bear bottle is all they need to help them ease out of mom’s arms and into their own beds. And for a mom who’s tired too, that’s great news.

Safety is another issue that mom’s are constantly grappling with, and with everything we need to keep up with and keep track of on a day to day basis, sometimes we’re faced with information overload! As a full time stay-at-home mom, I am often in my neighborhood when very few of my neighbors are home, and I find myself wondering things like, “Who is that man who eats lunch at my local park every day by himself,” and “Why is that van always parked next to the neighborhood pool?” Such questions can paralyze us with fear over time, but luckily there is a service available to help us reign in those fears and take charge of our children’s safety. The Family Safety Report is an online service that allows you to not only know the names of registered sex offenders in and around your neighborhood, but helps you track their movements. They provide a detailed report that includes a map and all pertinent information specific to where you live. My favorite part of this service is the picture in the report. Last summer my daughter and her pre-school class met frequently at a local park. The other moms and I noticed a man sitting in his van at the edge of the park. When one of the ladies went to her car to grab a soccer ball, the man asked if these kids meet here at the same time every week. She was bothered, to say the very least. Had that mother subscribed to Family Safety Report, that man’s face may have triggered a memory of a registered offender in her area and we would have known whether our fears were actually cause for concern.

Now I know that some of you are wondering if maybe this is all planning for a problem that isn’t really there, but the sad fact of the matter is that as many as 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys will be sexually abused at some point in their lives, and fifty percent of these assaults will occur within a mile of their home.

As parents, it’s our job to prepare – and another great tool that I found to prepare for the worst in the best way possible comes from the great people at the Family Wealth Planning Institute. They are introducing a great new product called the Kid’s Protection Plan.

When it comes to making tough choices for our kids, so often we decide to not choose at all. My husband and I were faced with a situation such as this when we took our first trip on a plane without our daughter. A family member asked us if we had a will, and the idea of such a thing for a healthy couple in their 20’s was overwhelming. While we did sit down and chuckle over things such as who to give a beat-up old car to, the issue of guardianship for our daughter was heart-wrenching. I would have welcomed a kit and the services from the Family Wealth Planning Institute to take the emotion out of our decision and guide us through creating the proper documents necessary in a time of crisis. You should really check out all of the services available at this site -many of them free! – because they address issues we all need to deal with as parents in a professional and helpful way.

We all want the best for our kids – and sometimes we just need a little help getting there. Be Resourceful! Find products that work for you. Keep your kids healthy, help them grown and learn, and keep them safe.

Written by: Amy

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