Barnes and Noble Nook Giveaway – There’s a Book in My Nook!

I have a book problem. My mom kept most of my childhood books, and many of them have made their way to my home. On top of that we are forever bringing home boxes of books from used book sales and filling out those school club order forms. But we can’t blame our book issue on the childrens’ books. My undergraduate degree is in literature, so the book clutter problem began years ago. Don’t believe me? Check it out.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are two bookcases in the basement, and I’ve still got boxes of books at my parents’ house.
My book habit is the number one reason I jumped on the chance when I was offered the opportunity to review the Barnes & Noble nook. Each month there’s a new book club book, often not available at the library, plus other titles friends recommend, more and more of those children’s books taking over my house. It was either try an e-reader or move to a bigger house.

So what do I think?

  • It is actually something I will use: I already very easily downloaded the latest from David Sedaris by simply typing in my B&N account information. I meant to read just one chapter to get a feel for the device, but I continued to read several chapters and was not bothered by the different feel in my hands, the clicking to turn pages, or any other differences between the nook and a paper book.
  • It is incredibly convenient: If I had the nook when I was reading the Twilight saga, I would not have slept for four days straight. I’m serious. (no, I’m really serious) Imagine that you can have that great new book that your friend on Twitter recommended and you can have it now. That is the beauty of the nook.

What I like best:

  • The screen is a white matte like a printed page, not like a computer screen.
  • The touch screen menu at the bottom of the “page” is easy to navigate.
  • You can manipulate the text size so that you can read with extra-large font without carrying around a ten pound book with the words Large Print on the side.
  • You can lend certain books to other nook users.
  • The text is searchable so you’ll never fumble around at book club again.
  • It is incredibly slim and easy to take anywhere.
  • It’s got great WiFi connectivity, long battery life, and other things that I love about good technology. 🙂
  • There are fun accessories available. Okay, so this is not a HUGE deal, but I am partial to the Robert Pattinson nook screensaver I found online…

What I would change:

  • I would make the page turning button more easily clicked, more like a roller or a touch screen.
  • The option of an internal light would be great for night reading (there is a nook light available at nook accessories).

I do not believe that my nook will end my paper book purchases, but I will certainly continue to use the nook and would absolutely recommend it to anyone considering an e-reader purchase.

Learn more about the nook and its features.

Nook Giveaway:

One Resourceful Mommy reader – that’s you! – will win the Barnes and Noble nook valued at over $250!

Read that again: valued at over $250!

To enter to win simply leave a comment on this post telling me why you need a nook in your life. One reader will be chosen at noon EDT on March 22nd. One entry per person, please. Good luck!

The nook was provided to me for review. The opinions and clutter in this post are my own.

Written by: Amy

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