Back to School Wisdom: What I Wish I Had Known

While this isn’t technically my first back to school as a mom – both children have been to very part time pre-school – it is my first back to school as the mom of an elementary school child. Just typing it is enough to send the butterflies back to my tummy and the tears streaming down my cheeks.

Today I called a dear friend whose first child entered kindergarten last fall. I had a few questions, and I needed them answered immediately.

“Andrea, is Emma going to be okay on the bus? I mean, will the kids be nice, will she know where to go, is it going to be alright?”

“Amy, I wish I had known last year that the bus was going to be the least of my worries.”

And there it was. I wish I had known last year.

I have been writing a series of posts as a part of the Sprite/TwitterMoms back to school celebration, and I’d like to write a post filled with nothing but the I-wish-I-had-knowns, but as a newbie myself, I just don’t have that kind of wisdom…but you do!

Leave a comment with your favorite I-wish-I-had-known advice for sending a child to school for the first time, and if you blog, be sure to include your name and site URL. When I write the post for the Twittermoms widget, I will be sure to link to you with your advice!

Let the sharing begin…
Written by: Amy

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