An Audience with the Queen

These are my kids – my four year old daughter and two year old son. Before they were born my husband and I decided that I would take time away from my teaching career to be home with them at least until our oldest was in elementary school and our youngest was three years old. My son will turn three in May and my daughter begins Kindergarten in the fall – and it would take an army to move me out of this house and back into the classroom.

In July I created this blog in an attempt to join other Mommy Bloggers in what is a strong community of women, parents, entrepreneurs. I hoped that it would lead to writing and editing jobs (of the paid variety), and my hopes were immediately buoyed when I read a post by Erin Kotecki Vest on her blog, Queen of Spain. You see, upon becoming a mother Erin had also made the decision to leave her award winning career as a broadcast journalist, and it was her new life as a parent and blogger that led to her current job as the Political Director and Election ’08 Producer for Erin is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and

If you follow Erin’s tweets on Twitter where she is more popularly known as the Queen of Spain, you know that you are but one among her more than 6,000 followers. Have you always wanted to know the secret to Erin’s success? Are you curious how she balances a career and motherhood? Ever wonder how she moved from mainstream media to find success in social media and the blogging world? Now’s your chance! Queen of Spain is going to be the panelist this Friday night during the SiteWarming Party hosted by me, the ResourcefulMommy (Dec. 12th, 9pm – 10pm EST).

Do you want to be sure that your question for Erin is heard? Comment to this post with your question for Erin Kotecki Vest, the Queen of Spain.

And if you’re coming to the SiteWarming party, don’t forget to grab your Goody Bag! There will also be door prizes given away to party-goers both at the beginning of the event and during the after-party.

Erin Kotecki Vest and the BlogHer network are in no way affiliated with MeTime.Com or the prize sponsors.

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