AT&T Rugby Smart Twitter Party

I remember the first time I purchased a smart phone with its shiny glass screen, its slim slippery body.  The salesman asked me if I wanted to purchase the insurance plan in case anything happened to it.  I looked at my two little kids smiling up at me, pictured them talking to their dad on the phone and dropping it, pictured them flinging birds at pigs on the phone and dropping it, and let’s face, I pictured myself dropping it.

If you’ve ever dropped a phone, spilled anything on a phone, or bought more than one of the same phone because of some phone tragedy, then you need to join us for the…

AT&T Rugby Smart Twitter Party 

When: Monday, March 5th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

Where: #ATTRugbySmart tag on Twitter

How: To participate be sure to follow me at @ResourcefulMom .  Learn how to participate in a twitter party!


Ten (10) participants will each receive a Samsung Rugby Smart device.  The Samsung Rugby Smart is a new Android device that can survive everything from a coffee spill to a dunk in the bathtub. Watch AT&T Product Manager Mark Causey test the phone’s durability and see how it survives water submersion, dust, sand, shock and more.

Winners will be selected at random from those tweeting with the tag during the party hour and must be U.S. citizens age 18 or older.  Service is not included in this prize. 


Planning on attending?  Let us know here by adding your Twitter Name and URL (ex. @ResourcefulMom,

Written by: Amy Lupold Bair

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