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In the online world, there are a million contests, tons of awards. I stay out of these events because, quite frankly, I hate asking for votes. But today I learned about a contest that actually means quite a bit to me.

Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine is hosting a first annual Mommy Bloggers Award.
I can still remember the fun of ordering books from Scholastic in elementary school and the excitement when they arrived each month, that little newsprint paper sticking out of the top book on the pile. When I taught 6th grade reading, I handed out Scholastic order forms each month and used the points earned to buy great Scholastic learning tools for my classroom. Now that I’m a parent, we order several books each month – even ordering all of my daughter’s “goody bag” books for her upcoming birthday party from this month’s form! And just as when I was teaching, last year I was the classroom’s Scholastic parent, in charge of classroom orders.

So as you can tell, I’ve respected and loved Scholastic for decades. That’s why this contest means so much to me.

The top five mommy bloggers chosen by Scholastic readers will be featured in the June/July issue of Parent and Child. I’ve been nominated, but in order to move to the next round, I need to be nominated as often as possible from now until February 13th.

Will you support me and Resourceful Mommy and help this site make it to the finals? Please nominate Resourceful Mommy here at Scholastic.

Thank you!
Written by: Amy

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