Apparently I’m All That….and a Bag of Chips!

Recently I was invited to participate in the Frito-Lay Only in a Woman’s World campaign as part of a group of fifteen bloggers called The Fabulous Fifteen.

Now if Victoria’s Secret had asked me to be one of their Online Angels or Speedo had approached me to be a member of the Bathing Suit Bloggers, I would have laughed until I cried…and then laughed some more.

But snack foods? That’s me! How did they know?

<-------- In fact, check me out! There I am!
As you know, I already love the Only in a Woman’s World webisodes because they’re truly entertaining and witty! Check out the latest webisode here:

So what does this mean exactly? Well for starters, it means I’m getting to try fun new products like yummy Flat Earth snack chips. And for you – Fun Giveaways!

So join me on this new ride as I join the other bloggers in the Fabulous 15. So delicious!

Written by: Amy

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