• I do write pay for post on other sites not owned by Resourceful Mommy Media.
  • I do rarely accept pay for post on Resourceful Mommy when it is a clear fit for my readers.  All pay for post opportunities are clearly disclosed within the post.
  • I do not accept payment for reviews.  I do accept product and state it clearly in posts if product was provided.
  • I do not accept payment for giveaways.  I also do not receive a copy of the giveaway product unless clearly stated in the post.
  • I do not accept pay for post on Twitter or participate in sponsored tweets programs.
  • I do charge for Sitewarmings/Twitter Parties at a set rate based on hourly rates, not pay for post.  I do write posts in support of these events, but I do not charge per post nor do the posts affect the price.
  • I do charge to create Global Influence campaigns on a sliding fee scale based on hourly rates, not pay for post.
  • I do not share/sell contact information of Global Influence members, Resourceful Mommy readers, Twitter followers, or giveaway entrants.
  • I do not share/sell PR contact information.

Any changes to these policies will be stated clearly.  All payments for work are made to Resourceful Mommy Media, LLC, and all revenue is declared and taxed at both the federal and state level.

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