A Resourceful Mommy: Bringing Art to the Everyday

(biopic by Lisa Roy Sachs)
I would like you to meet my friend Lisa: a wife, a mother, an artist.

I first learned about Lisa’s work as a photographer during a play date in my home, sitting on the floor of my suburban family room, our nearly one year old daughters crawling around us. As we talked about how uncanny it was that so many of the stay-at-home moms in our town were former teachers, Lisa offered up the information that she was a professional photographer currently working as a wedding photographer, but already very established in the art world with shows in cities around the world. She told us without pretense, and brushed off our excitement about the life of a professional artist with an exhibit in Paris.

Much, much later in our friendship, I found out that Lisa had collaborated with author and sister-in-law Kate Ledger to create a beautiful book called The Cats’ Book of Romance and was working on a new book titled The Dogs’ Book of Romance. I never dreamed that I would be pushing my daughter on the swing next to a close friend pushing her own daughter and have that friend nonchalantly mention her “latest book.” But that’s the kind of person Lisa is: unassuming and unbelievably talented.

Recently I found out that my very dear friend – now living several states away instead of several blocks away and a mother to three beautiful daughters – has reinvented herself once again. She used her unlimited talent to open her own Etsy shop, round house designs, where she offers her art ranging from beautiful rings to incredibly unique origami desk mobiles.

As she reinvents herself once again, I wanted to take this time to honor my friend and the resourceful and seamless way that she combines her life as a mother and her life as a crafter and artist. She has contributed a gorgeous strand of seven origami butterflies to this week’s Crafty Nation SiteWarming Goody Bag contest, so please take a moment to check out both her donation and those of the other wonderful crafters, artists, and inventors.

Written by: Amy

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