Sometimes Bloggers Spend Money

I am going to the Olympics. Yes, the ones in London that begin this week.

I bought tickets to two events several months ago with the idea that if I couldn’t go, they’d be easy to unload.  Every now and then I put something related to the tickets out there on social media because I can never keep a thought or emotion to myself, but it wasn’t until last week that the whole thing came together and I shared that my husband and I were headed to London together in two weeks.  For the most part people responded with a typical “Yay!” or “So exciting!’ but I had more than a couple comments made to me that went something like this…

Wow, you get all the cool opportunities!

That’s incredible! You are always so lucky!

You’re like the golden blogger. You get to do the best stuff!

Whatchu talkin’ ’bout?

To be clear, yes, I am very blessed.  I have a loving husband, two healthy and happy children, and family that supports my really fairly ridiculous profession.  My cat is even kind of awesome.

No really, look:

Does your cat stick his tongue out for the camera?

However…HOWEVER…blogging and luck have absolutely nothing to do with my trip to the Olympics.  I purchased tickets because I read carefully about the ticketing process and sat at my computer waiting for the tickets to go on sale, then with hands shaking grabbed two events that were available.  When I got to the payment section of the transaction I did not put in my Klout number nor did I type my Alexa ranking.  I told them my credit card number because they expected me to pay with money.  Oddly, the same thing happened last week when I booked our flights, and when I paid more for the seats that lie flat, I actually paid more.

Here is a secret that most people may not realize: Sometimes bloggers spend money.

I KNOW.  It’s shocking.

I have never uttered the sentence, “Hey, my X just stopped working. Does anyone have a connection with their PR so I can get a new one?”  I don’t contact local travel bureaus to notify them of my arrival when I take family vacations.  I don’t call around to see what other connections I can make (i.e. free stuff I can get) when someone does send me somewhere for work.  While I often tweet pictures of food that I’m eating, it’s because I’m a Twitter addict, not because someone paid for my lunch.  And yes, this means that those trips to Walt Disney World were almost all paid for with my own Disney Rewards Visa (points, baby!) and sometimes even at full price because I make last minute decisions and miss the very deals I tell you to book.

Are there bloggers who do all of the sketchy things I just mentioned above?  Of course there are, and they are embarrassing.  But there are also still plenty of us driving 12 year old hand me down mini-vans and eating store brand bread so that we have enough money saved up to do crazy things like attend the Olympics…without needing luck or a sponsor.  So if you see me tweet or post about the Olympics it is because that is what I do, share my life online, not because some brand sent me across the pond for the trip of a lifetime. And the fact that it was worth writing a post to explain that is a sad commentary on the state of blogging.



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    I’m paying my own way to the Dem convention. It ain’t cheap, but I can’t tell you the liberation I feel about bring able to do & write about the things I want to while I’m there, rather than fulfilling someone else’s agenda 🙂
    Joanne Bamberger aka PunditMom recently posted..Paul Ryan for Vice President: Where’s the Sarah Palin Treatment?

  2. 70

    I thank that is awesome, so many people always think we get everything for free
    asha marie pena recently posted..Candy Galaxy :: Giveaway

  3. 71

    I do contact travel bureaus, but it’s not for free stuff; I found that they’re usually more friendly and let us know of activities and other opportunities that they might not tell everyone (maybe, I guess I don’t know) but we pay for most of our experiences. Our recent trip to Ireland was ALL paid for, it was our honeymoon, and I still got the “lucky” comments.
    Dusty P recently posted..Why Marvel’s Captain Marvel IS A Big Deal

  4. 72

    One of the best thing about following bloggers is living vicariously through their travel posts – sponsored or not. I hope you have a fabulous time at the Olympics!
    Dianna recently posted..A Fine Imitation by Amber Brock book review


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