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New moms face many challenges from sleep deprivation to “helpful” advice, but what many new moms don’t anticipate is that there are all aspects of their normal routines that may not go back to normal without a little help.

According to a survey of 1,000 new moms conducted by Russell Research and commissioned by Purdue Products, L.P. line of laxatives, 62% of moms with newborns under six months old didn’t anticipate experiencing occasional constipation after childbirth.

To help bring comfort to new moms, Colace® Capsules has just announced a new nationwide promotion, the Colace® Comfort Sweepstakes. Beginning March 4, 2012 through June 2, 2012, consumers can enter the sweepstakes; prizes will be awarded each week for a total value of more than $50,000.

To help kick off the Colace® Comfort Sweepstakes, I am hosting a Kindle Fire giveaway, a gift designed to bring comfort and relaxation to new moms when they need it most!

Enter to Win

To enter to win the Kindle Fire, please leave a comment telling me what you love to do to find comfort and relaxation!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18+ and ends Friday, March 23rd at 11:59 p.m. ET.  Product has been provided by Pollock PR.

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More about the Colace® Comfort Sweepstakes

New moms can enter the sweepstakes as many times as they like by visiting the promotional website, or through a free standing FSI coupon in more than 46,000,000 newspapers across the country. The coupon features a special QR code enabling smart phone users a quick link to the sweepstakes entry page. Consumers can also enter offline by mailing their contact information to Colace® Comfort, P.O. Box 724, Southport, CT  06890. Hundreds of prizes totaling over $50,000 will be given out to randomly selected winners. Prizes include Tempur-Pedic Mattresses, Apple iPads, Kindle Fires, Keurig Coffee Makers, Bose Headphones, Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweaters and more, all designed to make life a little more comfortable for new mothers. For more information on the Colace® Comfort Sweepstakes, visit



  1. 102

    I love to crochet. It relaxes me.

  2. 103
    D. Talaga says:

    Walking relaxes me, as does most exercise and reading and watching films, spending time with children and animals. What comforts me is meditation and prayer and unfortunately cooking and eating!

  3. 104

    I’m a huge magazine reader. Nothing beats curling up to a pile of the latest issues of my favorite magazines. I rip out pages to reference later, circle quotes I love and re-create craft and fashion ideas. Of course, this all happens behind a closed door baring a ‘Do NOT Disturb’ sign.
    Keonte recently posted..Virtual Birthday Cards

  4. 105

    When I first gave birth to my dd, I took time to write in a journal about her, this helped me to de-stress and just marvel at all my experiences with her.

  5. 106

    I love relax by taking a long hot shower and settling in with some good book!

  6. 107

    I love to take a long, hot bath and read home magazines. I’m always looking for inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Deirdre recently posted..Changing Up Your Makeup for Spring

  7. 108

    I love to do yoga to find comfort and relaxation. That doesn’t happen often enough however. I can barely find enough time to sleep & eat properly! Figuring out how to juggle it all has been tough for me as a new mom & working full time outside of the home. Taking care of others has seemingly taken over taking care of myself.

  8. 109
    Kaitlyn W says:

    I like a bubble bath to relax

  9. 110

    I love to take a nice hot bubble bath, read a trashy magazine, and afterwards put on my fuzzy slippers.
    Shannon Schulte recently posted..Nestle Crunch Battlefield Hit Or Miss Instant Win Game

  10. 111
    Monica young says:

    To relax I love to have a me day with a pedi, and a good book

  11. 112

    I love to relax sitting in a hammock and reading.

  12. 113

    To relax, I like sit at a cafe with a good book or listen to some classical music.

  13. 114
    Debbie jackson says:

    quilting is my stress reliever and get away from things debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  14. 115

    I love crocheting and reading. I am currently reading the Hunger Games in anticipation of seeing the movie. What a great giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  15. 116
    LINDA B/HOTCHA1 says:

    hope in time!!

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