Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Twitter Party TOMORROW!

Introducing Coffee-mate® Natural Bliss®!

For those mornings you need a fresh cup of premium coffee filled with flavor, Coffee-mate® Natural Bliss® is there. Add flavor to your morning with your choice of three delicious flavors: sweet cream, vanilla, and caramel. Not only does Coffee-mate® Natural Bliss® add deliciousness to your cup of coffee, but it’s also made with simple, real ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, and natural flavors.  Joni us to chat about how to add flavor to your morning and be entered to win fantastic prizes!  See you at the…

Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Twitter Party

When: Friday, March 2nd from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET

Where: #CoffeeMateNB on Twitter
How: To participate, use the party tag and follow host @ResourcefulMom


Eight (8) winners will each receive a $50 Walmart gift card
One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive a $100 Walmart gift card
Don’t miss your opportunity to stock up and save $1.00 on Coffee-mate® Natural Bliss®! You can find it in the dairy section at Walmart. Print your coupon at   And of course, everyone wins with the every day low prices at Walmart!

Coffee Mate 300x250 Banner


Planning on joining us?  Let us know here by adding your Twitter URL (  An RSVP is not required to participate or to be entered to win.

Know what flavor is going to be your favorite or need to hear what others are saying? Check it out!

Coffee Mate 300x250 Banner

Coffee Mate 300x250 Banner

Coffee Mate 300x250 Banner


  1. 21

    I will be there.

    Paula Schuck recently posted..Nikon Coolpix #Giveaway

  2. 22
    Tonya Rader says:

    Lookin forward to the party.

  3. 23

    gonna try and make it- I have a little coffee with my cream 🙂

  4. 24
    Clarissa says:

    Excited to be attending this party with everyone!

  5. 25
    Lori ^_^ says:

    Looking forward to attending 🙂 @LoriLoriBear

  6. 26

    Hope my house isn’t chaotic at that time (like when ISN’T it?) and I can make it. Been a long time since I made a twitter party…hope I still know how :0. I can bring the cinny rolls!

  7. 28

    I love Coffeemate! I just cannot start my day without it. I haven’t been to a twitter party recently, probably over a year, I know I will get lost in the shuffle but they are so much fun. Hope to be able to attend this one.

  8. 29

    All you had to say was Coffee-Mate and I’m there! lol
    My coffee isn’t complete without my Coffee-Mate, so this party sounds perfect for me! 🙂


  9. 30
    Eileen Burke says:

    Woo hoo can’t wait!

  10. 31

    Love this product. I have two bottles of Sweet Cream in my fridge as we speak.
    Heather M. recently posted..Door Number Three

  11. 32
    Alyssa P. says:

    Hoping I can be there today!!! Got 2 toddlers that nap around that time lol!!!

  12. 33
    cammi Hevener says:

    Hoping to be there! Try to party while working .. 🙂

  13. 34
    @stblissout says:

    This is a product that has caught my eye because I hate to use anything with partially hydrogenated oils so kudos to them for making creamers without them! Now, if they would make their coconut creamer this way….. 🙂

  14. 35
    Katie Kimes says:

    Cant wait to try the caramel! Headed to the store now

  15. 36
    susan smoaks says:

    i am so excited!

  16. 37

    Super excited to participate!
    CrazyDogMommy recently posted..CrazyDogMommy: @ResourcefulMom q5 – it is silver and wrecked a bit sadly #WASCarLove

  17. 38

    Love this creamer! It’s the best and love that it’s natural. Vanilla is my fave

  18. 39
    @stblissout says:


  19. 41

    I’ll make the coffee!!! : )

  20. 42
    Yvonne Woodstock/@EARTHANGEL2B says:

    See you there!

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