Martha Stewart at Staples Tax Season Giveaway

It’s that time of year again, the time when my husband occasionally mentions phrases like alternative minimum tax and tax deductible contributions and I shudder in fear.  I’ll admit that as a work-at-home-mom, I loathe tax season.  Every year I vow to do a better job managing the paperwork, and every March my husband and I meet in my office and try to organize my otherwise not terribly organized record keeping.

It always turns out okay in the end except for that business of having to write an uncomfortably large check, but okay is no longer good enough!  With the help of the Martha Stewart Home Office line of products, I am going to have a more organized 2012 business year.

Last week I shared information from the New York City launch of the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery products available only at Staples and, but we focused mostly on kitchen organization.  Since then I’ve done a little online shopping, and my office is now a bit more organized. Thank you, Martha.

What I haven’t added to my collection yet, however, are the beautifully useful accordion files.  Just in time for tax season, Martha Stewart line includes poly accordion files in a variety of colors and two sizes as well as a gorgeous shagreen accordion file in blue, brown or white.  When in use, the accordion files stay open for easy open and stand freely.  Each file includes elastic band hooks to hold your file closed when not in use.  They range in price from $6.99 for the small poly accordion file to $15.99 for the shagreen accordion file.


One Resourceful Mommy reader will win the following:

– One (1) large shagreen accordion file

– One (1) medium poly accordion file

Enter to Win

To enter to win, leave a comment telling me your biggest paperwork organization challenge!  Is it tax records, kids’ school forms, coupons?

This giveaway ends Friday, February 24th at 11:59 p.m. ET and is open to U.S. residents only.

Watch in the coming weeks as I introduce more products from the Martha Stewart Home Office line with Avery exclusively at Staples including more giveaways!

I have been compensated for my coverage of this event and the execution of this giveaway.

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  1. 21
    Christina Z says:

    My biggest paper organization challenge is everything paper. I dont like to throw away and put in a pile intending to go thru later but never really do I go thru and restack nicely I am so challenged when it comes to getting paper work put in right spot but I guess I dont have the right spot. Help me please : )

  2. 22

    My biggest paperwork problem is the kids school papers.

  3. 23

    My biggest challenge is bills – I leave them all piled up and then pay them online and never go back through the piles. Kids school paperwork is also a problem for me! I’m just generally unorganized, I guess 🙂
    Katie E recently posted..A Lazy Sunday Morning

  4. 24

    My biggest issue is taxes and medical paperwork!

  5. 25

    My is medical paper work.

  6. 26
    nakia george says:

    Mines is tax records.

  7. 27

    My biggest paper challenge is kids papers from school.

  8. 28

    my biggest paper work challenge is a 75yr old lady’s paperwork my mil has collected quite alot in the 75yrs 🙂 I manage her paperwork since last year and its just piles of it!. I really hope to win this and get some kind organization to this paperwork. thank you!

  9. 29

    My biggest paperwork challenge is all the paperwork I generate with my business. I work from home and my desk tends to be an unorganized mess with client forms, to-do lists, receipts, etc.
    Jen V. recently posted..Fun Doll Finds – Mountain Dew and Hershey Syrup Lip Balms

  10. 30

    School papers is my biggest challenge. What to save,what to throw, spelling lists, menus, activity calenders,notes……. seems like I’m always digging through a large pile to find that note about the field trip.

  11. 31

    I loooooove it! I neeeeeed it! To 1) organize my coupons and 2) Help me keep my receipts and payment confirmations in order!
    Melissa T recently posted..Avery Trio: EZD Heavy-Duty Reference View Binder, Custom Binder Inserts, and Note Tabs [REVIEW]

  12. 32

    My organizational problems are D. all of the above! I always get a notebook…and it is never big enough. Maybe the accordion files will work better…and I won’t pinch
    my fingers.
    Dana recently posted..FORGET ME NOT ….

  13. 33
    jessica marinaccio says:

    Im a paper packrat – although i love all things office supplies and see myself as being so organized but never have time to sit down and do it – would love something like this for the kitchen so i can put bills where they go – things to FILE where they go etc

  14. 34

    The papers all over the kitchen table. Mail, coupons, school papers, blog papers. I move the piles around at meal times.
    Alison Shaffer recently posted..Favorite Find of the week. Bic Mark it permanent marker

  15. 35

    It’s all the receipts and bills that pile up on my desk!
    Thien-Kim recently posted..The Latest Android Apps On My Phone

  16. 36

    My biggest paperwork challenge is all the artwork my kids bring home/create and want to keep.

  17. 37

    My “to act on” pile and receipts!

  18. 38

    Paperwork at home is my biggest challenge!

  19. 39

    Definitely my biggest challenges are bills and receipts.

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