5 Tips to Help Organize Your Family Calendar

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Do all the schedules and calendars that run through your family drive you crazy? Do you feel pulled in a million different directions at any given point during the day? Are you always tending to everyone else’s schedule and forget to do things for yourself?

If you’re currently wearing two-week old, chipped nail polish then this post is for you.

(Admit it, you just took a moment to inspect your nails, and wished for a manicure.)

Managing our family calendar and schedules is one of my main jobs as a mom. It’s a juggling act of making sure everyone is where they need to be, with everything they need to have, and on time.  Between school assignments, activities, sporting events, meetings, and my teenager’s ever growing social engagements, it’s enough to drive any organized parent into a tailspin.

For many years, I was the unorganized mom who scrambled at the last minute to pull it all together. Needless to say, waiting until the last minute usually backfired. If an organized mom missed something on the calendar, it likely turned into a funny story. As an unorganized mom who missed everything, I ended up feeling like a hot mess.

I was tired of being the hot mess mom in the pick up line at school, so we implemented a few tricks and tools as a family to help share the burden of keeping track of everyone’s schedule. Learn our favorite tips we put into practice to help me move out of the hot mess zone into a more organized, less frazzled condition.

5 Tips to Organize Your Family Calendar, Together

I was tired of being the only one who had all the answers. What are we doing tomorrow? When’s my next baseball game? Which uniform do I need to wear on Friday? …the questions were never ending.

1. Create an Organization Station

A dear friend of mine, who spends a lot of time organizing her family’s schedules, recommended creating an organization station where we display all the sports schedules, game locations, birthday parties, and so on. She loved being able to answer her children’s questions the same way every time, “check the organization station”! Not only did this take the burden off of her to remember everything, it also empowered her kids to take responsibility for their own schedules and prepare themselves for what’s coming up on their calendar.

2. Combine Everyone’s Calendars

Catching a bird’s eye view of the week ahead makes gathering needed supplies or equipment and organizing rides much easier. It’s impossible for us to be two places at one time. We won’t identify those scheduling conflicts as quickly if we’re working off of multiple calendars.

3. Work Together

Working together has really changed the game for our family. It helps us all to better understand each other and the obstacles each of us face week after week. How is that? …you might ask. WELL… we have implemented a standing weekly family meeting / fun night. Every Sunday at 6 o’clock we sit down for dinner together as a family.

(Sometimes it’s at a restaurant, but the important thing is that we’re together.)

Once we’ve finished eating, we read a family Bible study together, normally something that caters to teens. This has opened up some phenomenal conversation between us parents and our sons. After the devotion, we bring out our meeting agenda to talk about goals, obstacles, upcoming assignments, sports schedules, and prayer requests.

This discussion helps everyone be more aware of what they’re working to achieve, as well as what responsibilities are on their calendar throughout the week ahead. Finally, we have a little bit of fun by playing cards, a board game, or watching a movie together.

4. Implement a Virtual Family Calendar

If you do nothing else on this list, do this! We’ve taken our combined family calendar to the cloud. Our favorite virtual family calendar is The Cozi App. Each of us has it downloaded on our phone, with our own unique, yet connected, account. This allows everyone to work off the same calendar, add events, make changes, color code appointments, it’s seriously a dream come true. The best feature is that we are able to make updates to our calendar any time, any place. So, when I make our next 4 chiropractor appointments, I can add them directly to the calendar before I even walk away from the reception desk. Or when my son informs me after practice that a game was rescheduled, he can update the calendar in the car on the way home. It’s magical.

Try the Cozi Family Organizer today. It’s FREE!

6. Communicate & Offer Grace

Mistakes happen. It helps if we can maintain a certain level of flexibility and offer a sizable amount of grace when one of us gets it all wrong. Appointments are going to get cancelled, practices postponed, games rescheduled, and assignments forgotten. It happens. The best way to approach your calendar is as a work in progress that’s never set in stone. We’re all stuck on this wild ride together. We might as well love and support each other throughout the journey, even when we can’t tell if we’re coming or going through our continuously revolving front door.

I hope these tips help you sort through your own hectic schedules to find some sense of organized chaos.

Do you have a tip we didn’t mention that works well for you and your family?
Please share it with us in the comments!

Written by: Amy

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