#Community Party Friday

This Friday is our long anticipated second Community Sitewarming on Twitter. In order to give back to those bloggers who are so supportive of the Sitewarming community, once every month to six weeks I will choose several blogs to highlight in a free for everyone community event.

Please visit the following six blogs and join us…

Friday, October 16th from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. eastern on Twitter. Tweet with the hashtag #community and be sure to follow @slpowell, who will cover in the event that my flight returning from Blogworld Expo is delayed!

The Untrained Housewife:
About the Author – Angela England is a Renaissance Woman who is a professional writer, blogger, licensed massage therapist and CAPPA-trained labor support doula and childbirth educator. She lives in southeast Oklahoma with her husband and their three kids, with Baby Blessing #4 expected this May.

About the Site – The Untrained Housewife is a place to regather the lost knowledge. Mothers and grandmothers used to teach their children how to manage a home and the skill necessary to do so – something that seems to have skipped a generation. Or two. Join the community of contributors, or stop by the forum to as a question, check out a recipe or just say hi!

Twitter ID – @AngEngland

Hula Hooping Mom:
About the Author – Tara Hernandez is a mother to four children, married to a wonderful husband and lives in beautiful southern California! She is a very strong believer in superb customer service and the ultimate shopping experience. After all, it is the customer that makes the business. She loves to review and share her opinion with others. She is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan and loves to cook in her spare time!

About the Site – Hula Hooping has the meaning that as parents we are always jumping through hoops to bring happiness to our family. We love to explore what life has to offer, it’s excitement, it’s ups and downs and most of all the life long memories it create! We also have our huge Holiday Gift Guide starting soon!

Twitter ID – @Hula_hoopin_mom

Modern Mami:
About the Author – Melanie Edwards is originally from Puerto Rico and has lived in Florida since she was 8 years old. She works in the e-learning industry by day and in social media by night. Melanie lives with her husband of 6 years and 3 year old daughter, who is being raised bi-lingual and bi-cultural.

About the Site – ModernMami™.com is a parenting blog written and developed by a Latina working mother. In addition to providing content on parenting, preschoolers, and motherhood, ModernMami.com also focuses on handling the specialized concerns working mothers have in attempting to achieve a work-life balance.

Twitter ID – @modernmami

About the Author – Amy Mascott is a former high school English teacher, current Reading Specialist, tutor for students K-12 in the evenings when her elementary school assistant-principal husband is home not to mention a mother of 3 incredible, funny, smart, and totally awesome kiddos, each 20 mos apart; a lover of sushi, Yuengling, and pilates; a traveler, a (try-to-be) cook, a reader, a runner, and a mini-van driver; a grammar nut, an early-morning walker, a coffee drinker; a person who– for the last 5 years–falls asleep the minute a movie begins and still cannot believe she’s a mother, in her 30’s, living in the suburbs of DC. (and she’s also an incredible blogger – editor’s note)

About the Site – The goal of teachmama.com is to empower parents by providing them with simple tools and resources they can use to be the best teachers they can be for their children.
After a few of my friends–who do not have backgrounds in education–asked me repeatedly for ideas and worthwhile activities that they could do with their children to help them learn a little while they played, the idea hit me. I gave them some of the things that I was doing with my kiddos and the children I tutored, and finally I began to share it online. I never imagined I’d be a blogger, but it did force me into learning resourcefulmommy speak (seriously!!) and into helping some pals at the same time.

Twitter ID – @teachmama

Musings From Me:
About the Author: Jill is a writer who stays at home or a SAHM who writes…it depends on the day! Mom of a kid, a preteen, and a teen…living to write about it. When not posting at http://www.musingsfromme.com/, she writes about preteens here: http://www.typeamom.net/mom-stages/preteens.html and about raising a kid, a preteen, and a teen in the D.C. area here: http://www.dcmetromoms.com/jill/. She loves sharing products/events that she loves with my readers.

About the Site: My site is a place for me to vent, complain, praise, extol, muse, ponder any and everything that interests me. My site traffic is increasing, but a sitewarming would give me some much-needed recognition. I know I have something to say, but the problem for me is getting the word out about my site.

Twitter ID: @musingsfromme

About the Author: Laurie is a stay-at-home mom, with two beautiful kiddos. She was born in Texas, but now resides in Colorado. She has an amazing husband who she is looking forward to growing old with.
About the Site: I am a random blog that loves a good review and giveaway. I also love to connect with other moms that are as clueless as me! 🙂 I love introducing moms to great products for themselves and their family.
Twitter ID: @clueless_mama
Contest: To enter the #Community Sitewarming contest, please visit any one of these sites and do any or all of the following…

1. Comment on a blog post

2. Subscribe to their blog feed

3. Follow them on Twitter

1. Tweet about this event!

2. RSVP below with Mr. Linky

Every time you enter (with three ways to enter and six sites plus two bonuses you have twenty chances!) please leave a comment on this post telling me what you did to enter. Winners will be announced at Friday’s party. Good luck!

Prizes donated by the bloggers:
– 2 books from the Type-A Mom Conference swag bags
– 2 of ebooks by Angela England, winner’s choice
– $10 Target gift card
– one year of Itty Bitty Bookworm’s Bo curriculum on CD
– one year of Bailey curriculum on CD
– a $10 gift card
– a Wii Game
……and more!

RSVP here:

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