Wordless Wednesday: Diving In

Our challenge of the summer was to encourage Noah to overcome his fear of water and by the end August, here he was….diving right in…loving it.

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    Congratulations to Noah. This summer my son decided to for go his swim floaties and try it on his own. He hasn’t looked back (or sunk) since them. its wonderful to watch our kids grow by leaps and bounds in their own way.

    Celebrate Life and Capture it!
    Patty Reiser recently posted..Sheepish Grin

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    beautiful, vibrant colors! Love the shots.
    And Miles To Go… recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 50-Untitled

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    Some scientists are say that humans are descended from aquatic apes 🙂 It’s rare to meet anyone who truly hates water. My kids came home from a visit to the beach and told me our huskie had gone in swimming wanting to play otter she saw frolicking in the waves. I can remember when she didn’t want to get the fur between her toes wet.

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    That’s great! I had a petrifying fear of water for most of my young life and I missed out on so much fun. Congratulations on reaching your important goal.

    Also? Great photograph!

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    I must say, that water looks very inviting. Glad Noah overcame his fear.

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    yea for getting in!! That’s awesome!
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    Oops, I pushed enter twice. Sorry,

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    I love this picture. It makes me want to go for a swim…and I hate swimming!
    Jenn recently posted..Jenn’s 15th Birthday Party 1994

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    It looks like he is having a great time! Love those curls!
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    Looks like mission accomplished! 🙂 Go Noah! I love the water, too, but I’m not big enough to swim on my own yet!
    Cole recently posted..Mommy has issues

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    Love the waves in the pool what a great photo
    Night Owl mama recently posted..Winners for Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner and Smelly Washer Cleaner

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    great shot
    love the colors!
    noelle d recently posted..Blogger Challenge Day 15

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    WOO HOO! Last one in is a rotten egg!!! Oh wait, that’s only a picture! Dang, it looks so real. Have a good night!
    Xmasdolly recently posted..WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!

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    What a face!
    @PamelaMKramer – A Renaissance Woman recently posted..How to Train a Spartan

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