A Week in Reviews Part 2 – Day 2: NaturaWorld.com Pillows

I am so excited that I connected with Julia from Natura: The Natural Sleep Solution on Twitter. I have never been a good sleeper. As a child I was sure that I didn’t sleep…at all. In reality I simply woke up so frequently that it seemed as though I wasn’t sleeping. I was long overdue to try something new!

The exhaustion of parenting two pre-schoolers and working from home helps me sleep now, but I have never found a pillow that I love. The cheap discount store pillows that I have used in the past only provided support for a short time before they broke down and ended up flat. A couple of years ago we bought foam pillows, but while they provided the support I liked, the foam itself broke down quickly leaving little, uncomfortable holes.

As for my children, I was never able to find a children’s pillow that I was happy with, so we have always ended up purchasing cheap, small adult pillows and changing them out frequently as they didn’t stand up to use.

While Natura sells a complete line of products for your families sleep solutions for you all the way down to your pets, my family had the opportunity to review the Natura line of pillows. My husband and I are trying the dual-sided pillows that feature the Talalay latex, a hypoallergenic material that gently holds your head on one side and memory foam on the other, for a cushiony feel that “remembers” the shape of your head.

So far, I am incredibly impressed with how the pillows feel and the support they provide. I love memory foam pillows, but sometimes I like a squishier feel, more like that of a down pillow. The ability to flip the pillow from one side to the other depending on what is more comfortable at that time is incredible!

My children are trying pillows filled with hypoallergenic Talalay latex that give their cozy little heads a soft place to rest and fit them perfectly. They are falling asleep quickly and easily….and staying asleep! Is there any better recommendation for a child’s pillow?

You’ll like this product if: you’ve been having trouble sleeping or have been looking for a hypo-allergenic, high quality pillow from a respectable company.

This product is not for you if: you are not ready to invest in good, high quality sleep products. The pillows and mattresses are more expensive than what you will find at big, box stores so they may not be for everyone.

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