Resourceful Summer Projects

Who is ready for some DIY home renovations with Resourceful Mommy?
A couple of years ago we had work done on our living room and dining room – the only time a professional painter has ever set foot in my house – and while I love it…we still have this big, blank space. I’ve been meaning to find a beautiful way to display photographs in that large an area, but the products that I have found are very pricey, and I’m frugal to a fault. This summer I’d like to transform that space without spending a ton of money. I’d love your suggestions, and I’m going to share the ideas that I try – even the ones that don’t work!

I also have a problem with the children’s bathroom. It is the only room in our home that we have not touched, not even with paint. That is primarily because I have no idea where to start. You see, the shower/bath has a bird family living it. Any time I think about turning it into a cute space I am stymied by these cranes! Then last week I was reading Redbook and found a how-to article about painting ceramic tiles. I have no idea what I’m going to put on them, but these birds have got to go. Please leave me a comment if you’ve got an idea of what to do with this paint project to make those birds leave the nest!

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