SiteWarming for The Green Teen this Friday

We’ve had the pleasure in the past of learning green living tips from Jenn Savedge, also known as The Green Parent, so I’m very excited to announce that this Friday’s SiteWarming from 9 to 10 p.m. eastern (hashtag #thegreenteen) is for Jenn’s new book…

The Green Teen is “the eco-friendly teen’s guide to saving the planet.” Jenn Savedge has been helping parents by providing green craft ideas and information for children, and now with her new book she is reaching out directly to teens. Jenn writes,
“Today’s teenagers are standing at the crossroads of environmental history. Global warming will fundamentally change the world as they know it within their lifetime. But how to keep their healthy environmental awareness from becoming environmental anxiety? The secret is to provide them with education and tools for positive action.”
Join us Friday to win GREAT prizes and ask Jenn for tips on greening our lives and the lives of our children!
To Enter:
1. Learn more about The Green Teen by visiting the book’s site.

2. Leave a comment to this blog post with a question to ask Jenn Friday night!

Bonus Entries:
1. Become a fan of The Green Teen on Facebook.
2. Tweet about Friday’s event on Twitter.
3. Blog about The Green Teen and/or the SiteWarming Party.
4. Tweet with the hashtag #thegreenteen any time between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. eastern on Friday and receive a bonus entry!
5. RSVP!

1. GRAND PRIZE*: To enter to win the grand prize you must tell me in your comment which Natura: The Natural Sleep Solution pillow would give you the sleep you deserve!
One lucky winner will receive two NaturLatex Dream Mate Pillows and Aromatherapy spray from Natura. If mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy, so enjoy a good night’s sleep by choosing the right pillow for both you and your children.
Using a solid Talalay latex core, the Naturlatex™ pillow collection provides resilient, cradling support and instantly adjusts to the unique contours of the head and neck. Unlike traditional fills, NaturLatex™ pillows provide resilient, support that won’t clump or pack down and is also available in a contour version. Wicking away excess heat and humidity, NaturLatex™ pillows ensure your sleep surface stays fresh and comfortable. Naturally breathable and hypoallergenic, the anti-microbial properties of Naturlatex™ pillows inhibit the presence of allergens such as mold, mildew and dust mites, for a pure, sound sleep. (value $100+!!)
*This grand prize contest runs until 11:59 p.m. eastern Thursday, June 4th. Continue to enter to win!
2. THREE Winners! The Green Teen by Jenn Savedge ($14.95 value each) Join us to chat with Jenn and have a chance to win her new book!
3. Certified Organic Catnip from Purrfect Play: Green homes, green teens, green pets! Purrfect Play’s catnip pouches are sealed and contain 1 full ounce of Oregon Tilth certified organic catnip. Each pouch is resealable for a long shelf life once it comes to you. The pouches also contain packets of certified organic cat grass seed and instructions on how to use them as planters once all the catnip is gone. Each contains enough seed for at least 2 crops. Their catnip is leaf only and wonderfully fragrant. Their cat grass seeds grow crunchy munch-worthy blades for your kitties. What a great combination! Try a pouch for your family and give one as a gift. ($6.25 value)

4. Energy Seal from Powered Green: Place an Energy Seal emblem on your laptop or desktop computer to show your support for renewable energy and make your computer carbon neutral for its lifetime. A typical computer can use as much energy over its lifetime as the average U.S. home uses in 35 days.The proceeds from your purchase of a Powered Green Energy Seal provide renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels with the funds they need to produce the amount of energy a computer uses over its lifetime. The clean, renewable energy that your purchase supports enters the national power grid and offsets energy from fossil fuel power plants.The energy offset causes fewer fossil fuels to be burned and helps stop up to 1500lbs of CO2 and other pollution from reaching the atmosphere. ($16.00 value)
5. Smart Mama’s Green Guide by Jennifer Taggart Although not available until June, one lucky winner will receive Jennifer Taggart’s new book. Parents often feel overwhelmed and defenseless against a never-ending recall list of toys and baby products. Deciphering unpronounceable chemicals they encounter every day can be daunting if not impossible. With environmental exposures being closely linked to 70 percent of birth defects, new parents faced with the overwhelming responsibility for their babies’ health frequently turn to organic products. But they quickly find they don’t have the time to practice a completely green or natural lifestyle. THE SMART MAMA’S GREEN GUIDE delivers the information busy parents want and the tools to make informed, individual choices without the demand to go all-out green. Packed with practical tips on eliminating or reducing the hidden dangers of toxic chemicals that lurk everywhere, this book will empower readers to control what comes into their homes and make informed decisions instead of relying on government regulation of harmful chemicals. ($14.99 value)
6. Fab Five Household Cleaning Products from Ecostore USA! Ecostore USA’s eco friendly, plant-based household cleaning products are as effective as the leading supermarket brands, and their body and baby care ranges are gentle on your skin and are simply beautiful to use. Their pet care products let you spoil your pets with our nourishing, rich blends of ingredients and show them how much you care by reducing their exposure to unhealthy chemicals. All of their products are made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, free of toxic chemicals that bring people closer to nature with non-toxic, environmentally safe solutions that also help to reduce our carbon footprint.
One very lucky winner will win Ecostore USA’s Fab Five Household Cleaning Products launched in Meijer grocery stores this winter. The prize includes the Liquid Laundry, Liquid Dish, Oxy Whitener, Lemon Cream Cleanser and the Citrus All Purpose Spray. ($45 value!)

7. Upcycled first aid tin from Patricia Rose: Patricia cleverly uses up-cycled Altoid tins, covered with scrap fabric given to her (and not sent to the landfill), bits of trims saved from other projects and padded with scraps of cotton batting from some of her other projects. They make great first aid kits for in your purse or car.

8. Nubar Natural Nail Lacquer: Not only does nubar Nail Lacquer produce the hottest shades of nail products each season, all nubar products include high quality products and are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalate.
9. TeaZen Beautealicious from the VitaminShoppe and a TeaZen t-shirt: ($17.99 value) TeaZen™ is a totally different experience that makes drinking tea fun. It’s not a typical tea bag. It’s not the same way to drink tea. It’s not artificial. It’s not boring. It’s definitely not expected!

10. Pukka Sampling from the VitaminShoppe: 7 assorted tea bags in a little brown paper bag.

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