Come for the Content…..Stay for the Contest!

Everyone knows that mother knows best, so join us tomorrow in SiteWarming Mamapedia, a great resource for moms that taps into the wisdom of thousands of moms.

RSVP and join us as we tweet with the following Mom Experts:

Janine, @twincident – Mom of Multiples – Janine Nickel has twin girls who are 6 going on 16. She blogs about her neuroses, the joys of raising twins (aka: twincidents), and even the early days (flashbacks) of parenting multiples at Twofer the Price of One. Janine’s Reviews and Giveaways blog is called Twofer Thumbs Up. Janine, while not an expert, is always happy to share what she has learned in a this-is-what-worked-for-me way rather than the annoying-unsolicited-this-is-what-you-should-do method that her mother-in-law employs. Be sure to check out all of her hard work as the Twins/Multiples editor at Janine also loves writing in the third person and wonders how much editing will be done on this bio. (editor’s note: Janine is crazy as a three dollar bill, but is just about the best person to take backstage at a Yanni concert)

Sarah, @cucinabella – Technology Mom Sarah W. Caron is a writer, editor and mom who makes a 15-step commute each morning at 5 a.m. As a work at home mom, she relies on technology to keep her connected to all of her wonderful editors and also to get her work done – all whiel being an involved, active parent. She writes daily about VoIP, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and other fun acronyms on a variety of tech sites. She pens Sarah’s Cucina Bella and is co-owner and author of The Voice of Mom. She is also the pregnancy columnist for

Christy, @sra_nelson – Crafty Mom – Christy Nelson is a mom, blogger, serious crafter, and etsy seller. Last year, Christy launched her new website,, where she shares tutorials, projects, and hosts a monthly craft challenge. She leaves the parenting and general craziness of her life over at her personal blog, Crafty Conservative. Before becoming a mom through adoption and staying at home to become a craft diva and competitive knitter, Christy received a degree from the University of Oklahoma in Communications and then a few years later went back to get her teaching certification in Spanish. She taught high school for five years before “retiring” to make her career at home and online.

Tamara, @MomRN – Health/Child Safety Mom – Tamara Walker, R.N. has been offering support, information, advice, and encouragement to parents through her alter ego, “MomRN,” at since 2001. Tamara is the host of a parenting radio show on The “Ask MomRN Show” covers a variety of parenting, family, safety, and health topics and features several well-known expert guests. Parents call in with questions and to talk with MomRN and her guests during the show at

She is also passionate about protecting kids as a child safety expert and has taught abduction prevention and child safety workshops for the past five years. Tamara has been interviewed in newspapers, radio, television; has published numerous articles for parenting publications and websites; and appeared via video on the Rachael Ray Show providing a helpful parenting tip for a segment on children’s health. She is currently writing articles as the Oklahoma Child Safety Examiner at and can be followed on twitter at @MomRN.

Lisa, @MrsHannigan – Homeschooling Mom

Lauren, @SupermomCentral – Potty Training Mom Lauren is a loving mom to 3 little ones, freelance writer, travel addict and 2 am blogger. She writes daily at SuperMom Central (tips, tricks and tidbits for the Aspring SuperMom) and throws in her two cents at TravelingMom, Little Window Shoppe, and Type-A Mom. Having successfully convinced 2 of her kiddos to ditch diapers, she’s picked up more potty training wisdom than she ever thought possible.

And now that little issue of a contest…

During the party tomorrow night we will be revealing how one of you can enter to win a VADO video camera from the folks at…..join us?

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