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Nerf NFL Pro Grip– FIVE WINNERS!: I have a two and a half year old son – and he throws everything. When his pre-school teacher suggested he bring a lovey along to school, he chose his tiny Nerf football. As he gets older I know he will be that kid who wears “his team’s” gear 24-7, so this Nerf NFL Pro Grip will surely be on his birthday wish list in a couple of years! Made by Hasbro for kids ages 4 years and up and selling for about $10, this football is the result of a wonderful partnership between NERF and the NFL! The licensed football is emblazoned with one of your favorite NFL teams’ emblems and colors so you can get your game on just like the pros. The special PRO GRIP texture is specially designed for better throwing and catching, helping you and your team pave the way to victory. Now my son just needs to hurry up and choose a favorite team!

Furreal Friends, Tumbles – My Rollover Pup! For any of you who know me or have read my tweets on Twitter, you know that every member of my family would like a pet dog – but my son is literally obsessed with dogs. His big boy room actually has a dog theme, and just this morning he requested a “dog party” for this 3rd birthday. Until the day arrives that we can get a real dog, we’ll have to settle for an adorable, fun Furreal dog! Tumbles, My Rollover Pup pet can’t wait to show off his new trick! When kids simply scratch his tummy, this adorable pup will “come to life” as he rolls over and wiggles his body just like a real dog! When you tickle his tummy, he makes happy puppy sounds and squirms around to let you know he is ready to play. He also loves to be petted! This little guy snuggles and nuzzles to show affection, and makes happy, relaxed sounds when petted. He’ll even become so relaxed, he’ll go to sleep in your child’s arms! Your family can adopt this little guy for about $40, batteries included.

Martian Matter Alien Maker: Imagine play-doh, add in space creatures, stir with a mix of boy/mad scientist, and you’ve got the coolest toy ever! Wackey and gooey, the Martian Matter Alien Maker playset provides kids with the ultimate intergalactic experience – creating their very own aliens! To make a Martian, kids select two extraterrestrial half-molds then insert the molds into the Martian Matter spaceship to create an impression in the Meteor Mud compound. Fill the impression with the Lunar Lava gel, wait approximately five minutes – no heat required! – and the alien is ready for play. Boys can take their cosmic creations for an outer space adventure in the Martian Matter spaceship or dissect and experiment on them using the Martian Matter tools. With the Martian Matter Alien Maker playset, kids can build over 90 different alien combinations. The playset comes complete with the Martian Matter spaceship, 14 alien half molds, one plastic knife, one roller, one set of tweezers, one cutter, three 2-ounce bottles of Lunar Lava gel and three 2-ounce cans of Meteor Mud compound. This great toy is recommended for scientists age five and up and retails for about $18.

Polka Dot Ribbon Headband Gift Set from Baby Elle BoutiqueSupport mom-made! These beautiful ribbon headbands are made from grosgrain ribbon that is attached to super soft and stretchy elastic. They are so comfortable that you’ll forget you have them on! This prize includes nine polka dot ribbon headbands in a plastic case that is great for gifting and for a storage container! The headbands are appropriate and wonderful for all ages. Thanks, Baby Elle!

Thermofocus 5-in-1 NON CONTACT Thermometer from Kidz-Med: Our family is in the middle of dealing with one cold after another – with a stomach bug thrown in for good measure! Taking my four year old’s temperature is bad enough, but trying to get my two and a half year old to cooperate is nearly impossible! I can’t wait to try out this non contact thermometer that uses a safe, infrared sensor to take a child’s temperature without any contact with the skin. This clinically proven thermometer is just as accurate as a rectal or ear thermometer and has been FDA approved! My favorite part of this product is that it is FAST! In no more than a second the thermometer is able to take your child’s temperature with just the click of a button. Not only will it take core body temperature, but you can also use it to take the temperature of bath water, warm cereal, or your baby’s bottle – any inanimate object! The Thermofocus 5-in-1 is available at and stores such as Walgreens and Babies R’ Us…..and right here to one lucky winner! Good luck!

Prize Basket from Milkshake – CD Play, DVD ScreenPlay, new Milkshake comic book: My family first fell in love with the music of Milkshake when we heard Scared on Noggin’s “Move to the Music” and Jack’s Big Music Show. Since then we’ve been hooked and are excited about their latest CD, Play. There’s nothing better than music created specifically for our children that we can also rock out to, which is exactly how I would describe every tune from Milkshake. Lead singer Lisa is a creative mama herself, and she definitely appreciates the superhero mom in all of us. To stay on top of the group’s latest endeavors, join their Milkshake Facebook group!

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