Coupon Cave Update

After writing about how I was living in a coupon cave and had stumbled across some great couponing sites, I heard from other coupon sites who wanted to know – Hey! Where are we? – so I would like to share one more great site with you that has been mentioned everywhere from Mashable to the Wall Street Journal. I’ve updated my original post, and added the new information here. Clearly I need to brush up on my frugal living, and I’m happy to take you along for the ride! is a beautiful site – always a nice bonus – where you can do everything from signing up to receive discount news as it hits to actually including your own store to increase traffic and exposure. What’s incredibly unique about this site is that if you find and share coupons, you can actually make money when others choose to use those coupons. To find current deals, sign up, or watch the video tutorial, head to

Also, my friends at Eco Store USA already knew about (was I the last to know?), and they shared with me that if you go to the left navigation bar and click on Household, you can print out coupons for their eco-friendly cleaning products.

Being a bit of a Peter Pan, I didn’t notice the great offers on cleaning products, only the Hasbro games. Enjoy!

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