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Recently my husband and I have been having multiple conversations that are just variations on the same topic:

Is it time to buy a car?

I drive a hand-me-down mini-van with unexplained bumps and paint smudges…not to mention the smashed Cheerios that will forever be embedded in the seats and floor.

My husband still drives the car that he bought in 1998 upon graduating from college: a little green stick-shift Saturn with no power anything – not even power-steering. While I consider myself a coordinated person – able to carry on a conversation while playing the piano with both hands and one foot – I have never figured out how to drive his car. That problem aside, the car is now eleven years old, and it has certainly seen better days. In a different economy, we’d probably ride it out with that good old car, but since dealers are practically giving cars away right now, we decided to consider replacing it.

And then one day I suggested that we find other friends who are in the same situation and talk to a dealer about cutting us a deal! What would happen if say, three of us walked into a car dealership and said, “We’re going to buy three cars today. We can do it here or at another dealership. We don’t care, but someone is getting three sales today. What can you do for us?”

This concept of group buying power was the inspiration behind a new website that I want to introduce you to called Crowd Sprout. I recently received an e-mail asking me to check out this site, and although it is in the very early stages of community growth, the concept is fascinating! Users are able to form online groups looking to buy the same product. The example they give is ten moms across the country finding each other online to buy a new stroller and receiving a hefty discount for this group purchase….all without travelling to a store or having to haggle. If you don’t want to join an existing group or wait for your group to fill, you can even organize a buying power group by contacting your friends.

There’s no telling where this site will go, but it seems to have amazing potential, potential that I wanted to share with you, my resourceful readers. If any of you try out the site and find it to be useful, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Happy resourceful shopping!

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