And Then I Tried to Break a Flashlight

This post is sponsored as part of the Rayovac Power Blogger program.  All opinions are my own.  And that light saber down there belongs to my son.

From time to time my family gets to try out Rayovac products as part of the Rayovac Power Blogger program.  We’ve had fun testing everything from an awesome lantern we use to camp in the basement to a mobile device charger that doesn’t need to be charged itself before you can use it (win!).

But today?  Today we got to try to break the Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Flashlight.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  My job is cool.

We checked out both the Camo Flashlight, which takes 3AAA batteries, as well as the 2AA version, but it’s the latter that we decided to put through the paces.

Resourceful Kids vs. Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED 2AA Flashlight

rayovacaugustThe flashlight: high performance LEDs with two modes, beam distance up to 149 meters, buttery run time up to 35 hours, lifetime guarantee.

The kids: 48 pound, 7 year old boy, cute but naughty with his 9 year old, quiet but clever older sister.  Don’t be fooled by how sweet they look.

Test 1 – Light Saber


Test 2 – Drop from the Deck




Test 3 – Water Squirter



Results: Rayovac Flashlight 1 – Resourceful Kids 0!






  1. 1

    Very cool post – nice to see a new way to test a flashlight! I laughed all the way trough your post. Keep up the nice work.


  1. Rayovac Blog says:

    Hunters Take Notice: Your Favorite Light Has Gone Camo!…

    Hunters Take Notice: Your Favorite Light Has Gone Camo!…

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