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Yesterday a nice gentleman came and took away the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder I was test-driving.  It was a sad moment, but we made some great memories on our week together.

I wanted desperately to take the Pathfinder’s 4WD goodness out into the snow, but a shift in the weather pattern took last weekend’s snowpocalypse too far north missing my home and all of my relatives to the north.  However, my daughter and I could not let a little sunny weather keep us down.  We set out on a Pathfinder Adventure anyway:

We were two women on a mission.  No, we weren’t climbing snowy hills or off-roading across the winter landscape, but what we did do was put the third row seats down and fill that bad boy with bags and boxes.  Our haul?

  • Two oversized curtain rods
  • Ten white curtain sheers
  • A bag of cake decorating supplies from the craft store
  • A teak shower bench
  • A humidifier (please, let spring come soon!!)
Our shopping trip was complete, but there was still plenty of the room in the back of the Nissan Pathfinder.  But are you surprised?  You’ve seen the cargo space, right?
Here is what else my daughter and I fell in love with on our outing:
  • Music: We hooked up her prized possession, her iPod Touch, to the USB connection in the middle console.  We then proceeded to rock out to Taylor Swift all afternoon.
  • Heated steering wheel:  Okay, so this was just something fell in love with, but boy did I ever.  I never wear a jacket on shopping outings because I hate having to take one off and on as we go from store to store.  No jacket?  No gloves.  The heated steering wheel saved the day!
  • Driver’s Seat Automatic Exit Function:  I am only 5’3″ and my legs are very short.  This means that the driver’s seat needs to be very far forward in order for me to safely reach the pedals.  It also means that my knees are at risk of being knocked every time I get in and out at each stop during my daily adventures.  The Nissan Pathfinder has an option for the driver’s seat to automatically move back when you get out and then return to your set position when you start the car to drive again.  Go ahead, read that again.  Yes, it really does that.
So now what?  Well, a couple of things.
Thing 1 – A giveaway for YOU!  One Resourceful Mommy reader will win the following:

(1) Winter Adventure Prize Pack that includes 2 travel mugs, hot chocolate, a blanket and a $100 gift card (total value: $190)

Ready to win? Just leave a comment below telling me where you would go on your very own winter adventure!
This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. age 18 and older and ends 2/19/13 at 11:59 p.m. ET  Prize product was provided.
Thing 2 – Remember how hard it was for me to turn the Pathfinder back over to the nice man who came to pick it up?  Well…I’m buying one of my own.  That’s right!  We loved our Pathfinder Adventures – driving to and from school, piano lessons, choir rehearsal, shopping sprees and more – that I am buying one of my very own.  I’ll be sure to post a picture when she arrives!  We’re looking forward to many more adventures…
Disclosure: I was provided with a 1-week vehicle loan of the Nissan Pathfinder along with additional compensation. All opinions are my own. 


  1. 41

    For a winter adventure i would love to go skiing in Vermont!

  2. 42
    Tiffany Sparks says:

    For a winter adventure I would take a trip down to the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of staying there during winter and it was amazing. We had a chalet on the mountain top and the view left me breathless.

  3. 43

    We would rake our first trip to the mountains.

  4. 44
    Maggie McGary says:

    I hate cold! For my winter getaway, I’d go somewhere warm and sunny!

  5. 45

    I’ve never been skiing but would love to try it one day! Maybe some where in Colorado!

  6. 46

    On our winter adventure, we would go to some place warm like sunny Florida!

  7. 47
    Lisa Brown says:

    I would go on a winter adventure to the beautiful state of Oregon and enjoy the coast, even if cold.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  8. 48

    I would love to go to Virginia and get some sun.

  9. 49

    I would love to go to Utah and Idaho. That is where my hubby is from, and he always talks about how he loved skiing all the time. I think it would be fun to take the kids to his old stomping…I mean skiing grounds.

  10. 50

    I would totally go to the mountains and get out of Florida for a few days!

  11. 51

    I would hit the mountains in beautiful Asheville NC

  12. 52

    I’d surprise my son with a winter adventure to Upstate NY to visit his cousins.
    Alissa recently posted..The Best of Video {2/22/13}

  13. 53
    @cammi1972 says:

    I would take a Winter adventure to Kansas City. .. Take my kids to Great Wolf Lodge and drivecaroubd to see the sights and enjoy the city and some shopping. 🙂

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