Laptop Giveaway and Party Friday!

What is your favorite memory of 2008?

Family Eden is asking just that, and your answer could win you a Toshiba laptop. By joining the ’08 Memories community on Family Eden and sharing your favorite pictures and memories of the year, you will be entered to win one of three laptops that Family Eden is giving away on Friday!

If you follow @AnaRC on Twitter, then you know that not only is she the founder of Family Eden, but she is also a mother – who is expecting another child in 2009. What better way to celebrate the site that Ana created to bring families together than to celebrate that feeling we all felt when we first became parents?

First things first – how do you participate?

To join in the fun you just need to log in to Twitter on Friday, January 9th at 9:00 p.m. EST. The party will run at least an hour, although the after party has been known to linger into the late hours of the night!

Meet Your Panelists: In order to lead us all down memory lane together, join these moms on Twitter who all gave birth in 2008.

@mariabird80 – Maria, (aka Mommy Melee) has been blogging since 2002, but has only recently entered the realms of what they like to call “Mommy Blogging.” She writes at Mommy Melee and can be seen guest blogging at Black Hockey Reviews and Trust Your Source, the Aromatics International Blog. In April of 2008she left her rewarding but time consuming agency career to spend more time with her sons, ages 33 months and seven weeks. She currently juggles several part time and consulting jobs, assisting up-and-coming businesses with their marketing, networking, copy and social media needs.

@ErinJeanyErin is a mommy, digital designer, organizer, blogger and self proclaimed Jill of all Trades. When she became a mom for the first time this past Halloween she decided to stay at home and pursue a few work at home ideas. Her favorite activity is developing her blog, From Son Up to Son Down . This is her second blog, just started in November. Beginning this month she will be reviewing products that are helping to make her job as a first time mom easier. Her husband is also lending a helping hand and will be giving his experiences with each review as well in hopes they can help other first time parents to chose the products that work for them. In the professional world Erin has over 10 years of business & retail management, merchandising, purchasing, asset protection and customer service, working for Macy’s, Spencer’s Gifts, and Five Below as well as three family owned businesses. She also has worked with her husband, a retired US Army Officer for a government contractor for the last 3 years. Erin currently possesses a B.A. in Digital/Graphic Design, with a minor in Business Management as well as a degree in Criminal Justice and plans on returning to school again when her son is older.

@PainterMommy – Dawn is a wife, and mother of 3 little ones (ages 3, 4, and almost 3 months), Christian, and even a mom’s ministry leader for her church. She owns a New York based decorative painting company called Surfaces with Paint . She specializes in painting murals for children’s rooms & baby nurseries. Be sure to check out her Nursery Murals Blog where she is currently running an awesome giveaway! She also just recently started a virtual assistant business called DPK Virtual Assistant Services . She has a great passion for research and creative design. She also enjoys finding ways to improve the businesses of others through graphic design, marketing, optimization, and social networking. She thrives on the opportunity to express her creativity through her work. She is also a blogger and maintains four separate blogs. Her most recent endeavor is her Painter Mommy Blog where she posts on anything and everything concerning being a busy mom, virtual business assistant, artist, and entrepreneur.

@CreatedByMomQuinn is the owner of Created By Mom and somehow survives being the mother of three children three and under! She is a self-described graphic design junkie and typography addict who has become an online professional cheerleader to other moms and their incredible creations.

Come join Quinn, Dawn, Erin, Maria and me, @ResourcefulMom, as we share our favorite memories of 2008 with our Twitter friends.

Thank you to Family Eden and Toshiba for sponsoring this fabulous and fun party.

Thank you also to our wonderful Door Prize sponsors! All you need to do to win is come to the party and tweet with us using the hashtag #Eden. Watch @ResourcefulMom’s tweets for prize announcements.

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A 125 X 125 Site Button from @PainterMommy And speaking of having a customized and professional look….nothing is better for drawing traffic to your site than a professional button that can be placed on other sites. Dawn is sharing her wonderful graphic design skills with one of our party-goers. Check out her site button to see what all the fuss is about!

Loops of Love Blankie This beautiful prize was donated by Blankies, Burps, and Bibs. Two pieces of fleece sewn together with decorative ribbons on all four sides for baby to feel and look at, the Loops of Love blankie provides hours of fun for baby. This is a great toy for in the car as baby can play with a nice soft toy without worries of baby getting hurt. Loops of love blankie is approximately 15″ by 15″. Blankies are available in both boy and girl colors, and the winner will be able to choose his or her favorite!

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