$10,000 Tell a Friend Giveaway

Last fall I introduced you to AboutOne, an online family organizer helping to keep every aspect of your life organized…digitally!  Don’t remember meeting AboutOne?  Here is a refresher:

About AboutOne.com

AboutOne is an online productivity tool for home managers that comes with a digital filing cabinet for all the information life throws at you. Between health and school records and adorable artwork that’s way too cute to toss, storing important paperwork and preserving family memories is no easy feat. Throw in thousands of photos and stuff piles up fast! AboutOne takes care of all that, and is a great mother’s helper!

AboutOne provides a convenient way to manage your family’s health, education, and possession records, and your family’s precious memories, giving you access to this important information no matter where you are, and syncing your information with its calendar, address book, document filing, and reporting tools.

AboutOne’s award-winning software is fast, fun, and easy to use, with time-saving features and the ability to quickly enter information by emailing it from your smartphone or scanner as life happens – document your baby’s first steps, scan a household receipt, record an idea in your gift log.

Right now I have taxes on the mind, so the feature of AboutOne that is most appealing to me is the ability to put receipts into a filing system via my phone.  I am not a paper receipt kind of girl, so this is absolutely perfect for my lifestyle.   And by lifestyle I mean my knack for losing small pieces of paper.

AboutOne is now announcing AcornPoints, a new, improved version of their online family organizer!  AcornPoints is like AboutOne, 2.0.  They have partnered with Microsoft and Suze Orman (IDSafe) – one of my favorites! – to launch this new version of their digital organizer, which now includes the AcornPoints rewards program that actually pays you to use AboutOne to get organized.  Before designing this upgraded version, AboutOne went to their current users and solicited feedback, ensuring that the changes being made were exactly what you, the user, wanted to see.  AboutOne with AcornPoints will:

• Save time by syncing with customers’ existing Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar/contact tools to make them more useful.

• Pay customers in gift cards from their favorite sites for achieving their organization goals.

• Give customers peace of mind with third party privacy audits and bank-level security.

AboutOne with AcornPoints will supercharge your existing calendar and contacts tools to make your household information (health, education, home, and vehicle records, plus precious memories in text, photo, video and artwork) work for you:

• Calendar-based, online organizer

• Completely private with bank-level security

• Full mobile access

• Online filing cabinet

• Guides you on the path to organization

• Instantly formats your information, when and how you need it, either online or through printable reports, newsletters, or photo memory books

Obviously these changes are exciting, but what is just as exciting is that AboutOne has chosen to celebrate this launch by hosting a $10,000 tell a friend giveaway.

Let me type that again…

A $10,000 tell a friend giveaway.

Just enter your email address to get on the list to receive a free account when AcornPoints launches, confirm your subscription, and then refer at least three friends (the “tell a friend” part).  Each friend who signs up and confirms their subscription will enter you both in the giveaway.  Together, you and one of your friends could share the $10,000 prize.

Now tell me…who wants to be my friend and go halfsies on the ten grand?

Good luck, everyone!

I have been compensated for sharing this giveaway.  This giveaway is not hosted nor is it sponsored by Resourceful Mommy.

Written by: Amy

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