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Share Your #IndividualiTEA

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by the Tea Council of the USA. All opinions are our own. There are many things in my life that spark random memories. Sounds, smells, and flavors can bring back both images of moments past and emotions that go along with them. When we were asked to partner with […]

Festive Fridays: Thanksgiving Weekend Fun

If you’re like me, you’re in a flurry of planning and shopping and preparation for Thanksgiving day. There’s tons to organize and loads of kitchen time ahead. However, I’m also thinking about the rest of the long weekend and what we’re going to do to enjoy our time together. Whether you’re shopping, decorating, or just […]

Festive Fridays: Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

  One of the most anticipated things of the season is dessert after Thanksgiving dinner. For many people, this means pumpkin pie, piled with whipped cream. I know it may be hard to believe, but there are people in this world who don’t care for pumpkin pie or simply cannot partake for one reason or […]

Clean the Unseen with RAYCOP RS2 Purifier

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by RAYCOP. All opinions are our own. I am not well known for my love of cleaning but in a house of people who suffer with dust allergies, it’s a frequent necessary evil.  My youngest, in particular, has horrible issues with allergies at bedtime which we have pinpointed to […]

Celebrate Friendsgiving with Cranberries

*This post has been sponsored by US Cranberries. All opinions are our own. There is nothing I love more than spending the holiday season with those that I love most. In our little world, friends are considered family so Friendsgiving was a concept for us even before the Millennial generation made it popular. Gathering friends for […]

Festive Fridays: Early Thanksgiving Prep Tips

I can’t believe we’re already into November! As we count down to Thanksgiving, I’m already starting to pull together my thoughts and ideas about what our plans and menu are going to look like. It’s sometimes hard to think this far ahead, but some early prep will make things go much more smoothly as we […]

Fire Safety with Kidde

Although I’ve been working with Kidde for four years to promote fire and carbon monoxide safety, I’ve never had the opportunity to reach out to my local fire safety community until recently. Earlier this month, I visited with my local volunteer fire department, Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department, to chat with firefighters about ways that we […]

Festive Fridays: Halloween and Harvest Party Theme Ideas

It’s time for gathering friends and family to celebrate all things fall! Whether you’re planning a costume party for Halloween or want to have a few friends over to appreciate the tastes of the season, we’ve got a few fun theme ideas for you. Hope this list sparks inspiration for your upcoming fall party plans! […]