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Baby, Oh, Baby – Check Out These Clothing Prizes!

NEWSFLASH: Baby clothing is not cheap. Cute baby clothing is especially not cheap. Cute, well-made baby clothing with little perks (fun for dress up, made from organic cotton, whimsical yet timeless, tagless!) is often very expensive. But I’d like to introduce you to a few generous companies who offer all of this and more at […]

Now THAT’S a Goody Bag!

Sure, Resourceful Mommy, I’ll enter your contest….but what exactly do you have in those Goody Bags? Well, Virginia, you’ve never seen a Goody Bag like this. Let’s quickly run the rules, and then let’s take a look at the loot. 1. The Resourceful Mommy Site Warming Party will take place Friday, October 17th from 9 […]

I Won Something! (really!)

Those of you who are familiar with the online world know that there are many, many giveaways. Product reviewers pass on their loot, businesses hand out samples of their wares, and bloggers like me – well, we rely on the former groups to help us put together fun contests that will give our readers that […]

Contest Update: Buttons, Buttons, Get Your Buttons!

I’m happy to announce a new and exciting way to enter Resourceful Mommy’s Site-Warming Party Goody Bag Contest! Grab the HTML code and be one of the first sites to proudly display the new Resourceful Mommy button, and you’ve earned yourself 5 entries in the contest! 1. Grab the Code! 2. Place It On Your […]

Sitewarming Party: Don’t Forget Your Goody Bag!

The Party and Contest are Officially Over. Thank You SO Much to Everyone Who Participated! You’re invited to the Resourceful Mommy Sitewarming Party! Now that my site finally looks the way I envisioned and works the way it should, I’m hosting a site-warming to celebrate the official launching of my site.And like any good party, […]

Time to Be Resourceful

When I created this website I chose the name Resourceful Mommy because I fully intended the content to be useful, clever, helpful – maybe even a little enjoyable. But lately I’ve been so overwhelmed with keeping track of my own “to-do” list that I’ve been of no help to anyone else. Today that is going […]

Help a Resourceful Mommy Out!

I recently received an e-mail from my children’s pre-school – no, they’re not in trouble…yet – asking for the school family to rally around one of our own. Through the power of blogging and social media, I’d like to see if we can all help this family in need. My family is lucky enough to […]

Are You Blissfully Domestic?

Recently I became a contributing writer for the Family Bliss Channel of the awesome e-magazine, Blissfully Domestic. I’m sure most of you have spent many hours reading BD and learning about anything from getting the most out of your coupons to following the latest fall fashions to tips for buying a domain name . But […]