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Surviving Having a Sick Household

This article is cross-posted at Family Eden – check it out!In my pre-parenting days I often dreamt about being the kind of mom whose children felt they could share everything with her. While this is still a dream of mine, upon becoming a mother I found out that one thing all kids love to share […]

Springpad It!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for the last two months. As someone who has attention deficit disorder, organization is a struggle. Add a husband – more confusing. A thirty-five year old house needing upkeep – chaos! And two children….well, you get the idea. Last October I met someone who was working on a […]

Organizing with Bins and Baskets

Cross-posted at Family Eden’s blog, FamilyEden.Net Many of us make New Year’s resolutions every January, and often those goals involve organizing our homes and removing clutter from our lives. This is a long standing goal of mine, but with a small house and a two pre-schoolers, freeing my home of clutter is a difficult task. […]

New Feature: Ask Resourceful Mommy

One of my favorite ways to procrastinate from just about anything else I should be doing is to conduct research – about anything. I have more than one friend who calls me every time their child is sick or hurt – before they call their pediatrician. And my friend Amy loves to send me those […]

Viruses, Bacteria, and Hand Gels, Oh My!

Happy New Year from Resourceful Mommy! After a brief holiday hiatus, I’m looking forward to getting back to being resourceful. As I write this I am battling a slightly more than annoying case of bronchitis that I know travelled straight from my son’s pre-school class to me, politely making no stops at my children. It […]

Embrace the Cold: Fun Ice Experiments for Kids

Last night my husband realized that upon returning from Target with my two year old son, I brought in only the bags that I could carry in one trip and forgot to return for the diapers and wipes. When he got to the car he didn’t find a soft, squishy economy sized package of store […]

Vacation Boredom 101

Every year we spend the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas gearing up for a fabulous holiday and time with the family. And then when all of the packages have been unwrapped and family members all return to their own homes, we are left with those days until January 2nd when the kids will return to […]

The Big Boy Room

My son is a complicated little guy. On one hand he tells me regularly that he’s a big boy who can use the computer by himself, ride the roller coasters at Disney, sleep with the door open….but in the next moment he’s climbing into the doll’s toy crib and falling asleep. But it is inevitable […]