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Announcing Site Warming Twitter Parties by Resourceful Mommy!

Tweet It’s the classic story: Girl meets Twitter, Girl starts a Blog, Girl decides to have a Twitter Party for her Blog and a business is born! Okay, so it’s not a classic story, but it’s mine.When I began planning the Resourceful Mommy Site Warming Party, I had no idea how big the event would […]

Post Party: Site Warming Party Follow-Up

Tweet The party is over, and everyone has gone home. The prizes have been awarded. Our hashtag #RMLP (yeah!) is no longer on the Twitter radar screen. But it was a good evening, we all met some incredible people, and the best part…we learned so much!For those of you – like me – who were […]

Ain’t No Party Like an RM Party ‘Cuz an RM Party Don’t Stop!

Tweet (Photo Credit: Seite-3 on Flickr.Com) Okay, so it will eventually. All good things must come to an end. But the Resourceful Mommy party will be rocking from 9 pm EST until at least 10 pm EST on Twitter this Friday, October 17th. Hop on your laptop and toss your GPS. Here are the only […]

Burn, Baby, Burn: Finally, Announcing the Official Sitewarming Party!

Tweet When I created this site two short months ago, I knew that once I had all of my blogging ducks in a row, I’d want to do something fun to let everyone know. Hence – The Sitewarming Party. Housewarmings are a great way to invite friends into your new space and let them shower […]