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Introducing Toopy and Binoo


Tweet One of my favorite aspects of blogging over the past nearly six years has been the opportunity to introduce readers to new products, services, television shows, and more. Next month we’ll be tweeting about two adorable new characters, but in the  meantime I want to introduce you to Toopy and Binoo. Toopy and Binoo™ […]

Girl of the Year 2014: Isabelle Palmer

Isabelle girl of the year

Tweet My 9 year old daughter couldn’t imagine that an American Girl, Girl of the Year could get better than last year’s Saige…then she met Isabelle. We are a one doll family so each year’s Girl of the Year announcement brings with it the promise of new reading material rather than another doll to add […]

My Laundry Room and Garage are Amazing!


Tweet (subtitle: EasyClosets Saved Two Rooms of My House) I’m so excited to unveil the results of my EasyClosets Total Home Tour garage and laundry room makeover. But first, a word about the design and installation. My husband and I worked together on both the design and installation process since we both spend an equal […]

Why I Saved My Sad, Pathetic Laundry Room


Tweet (subtitle: EasyClosets Total Home Tour Laundry Room and Garage Makeover) When EasyClosets invited my family to participate in the Total Home Tour, the first step after shouting, “YES, PLEASE!!!” was to select an area of my home to renovate. While my basement needs an obsolete toy cleansing and my office needs a full-on professional […]

My Home was the Before Photo


Tweet (subtitled: Why I Said Yes to the EasyClosets Total Home Tour) For a few years now I’ve received Good Housekeeping each month, the result of a gift subscription that I can no longer place, but continue to enjoy. With that said, years of reading this and other lifestyle magazines has done very little to improve […]

Hallmark for the Holidays


Tweet My family is a huge fan of tradition. We enjoy vacationing at the same resort every year, swimming in the same lake one week in August every summer, ending our days with the same prayer, and taking the same pictures at the start of every school year. The Christmas holiday season holds by far […]

Lightheaded Bed Review and Giveaway


Tweet One of the coolest parts of my blogging life is getting to learn about products and services that I probably wouldn’t know about otherwise. Last month I heard about Lightheaded Beds for the first time, which are now available at Sam’s Club nationwide. Each bed comes with images that can be customized with your […]

Celebrate Halloween with Hershey’s


Tweet Remember when you were a kid and there was that one house in the neighborhood that everyone wanted to visit on Halloween? You’d try to get there first and would re-arrange your entire route to make sure you rang that doorbell before they ran out of treats. Remember what that house gave out to […]