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A Resourceful Mommy Field Trip

Tweet Although most of my writing lives right here, on Resourceful Mommy, I also write for Blissfully Domestic’s Family Bliss channel and am the Suburban Mom Editor for Type-A Mom. If you haven’t been to these sites lately (or ever!), then now is the time. Join me for an RM field trip around the web […]

I Won Something! (really!)

Tweet Those of you who are familiar with the online world know that there are many, many giveaways. Product reviewers pass on their loot, businesses hand out samples of their wares, and bloggers like me – well, we rely on the former groups to help us put together fun contests that will give our readers […]

Help a Resourceful Mommy Out!

Tweet I recently received an e-mail from my children’s pre-school – no, they’re not in trouble…yet – asking for the school family to rally around one of our own. Through the power of blogging and social media, I’d like to see if we can all help this family in need. My family is lucky enough […]

Together We Rise: Book Introduction

Tweet For those of you waiting to hear more about G’s story, women and choice, or even cartoon voices, I apologize. For the time being, at least, my energies are focused on the non-fiction book I am writing (agents and publishers, feel free to contact me!). This book will feature a bit of history, a […]

Together We Rise: Speechless

Tweet Recently a friend on Twitter tweeted to me, “You’re not subtle, are you?” Subtle is something I’ve never been called. Likewise, speechless is a word that’s never been used to describe me. Until tonight. Tonight I read something that left me utterly speechless, tears rolling down my face.It all started a short while ago […]

Just for Fun: From Winnie to Weinie – Familiar Voices of Cartoon Characters

Tweet Recently my kids decided to start watching Oswald on Noggin, a Nickelodeon affiliated channel aimed at the pre-school set. The main character is a blue octopus with a top hat, which seemed odd to me, but the two year olds really dig this guy. And once I heard him speak, I did, too. At […]

Women and Choice: Part 2-The Myth of Our Mothers – "Having It All" – G’s Story Begins

Tweet In the quiet, early morning hours of July 16, 1975, Gerald Ford was meeting with his cabinet regarding troubles in the Soviet Union, the Stones were resting up for the concert they would play that night in San Francisco, and a 26 year old woman, in labor with her first child, was quietly walking […]

If You Tweet It, They Will Come…Book Interview!

Tweet ResourcefulMom – Are you a woman furthering business goals through social media (ie.Twitter) and willing to be interviewed for a new book? DM @ResourcefulMom Chaos Ensues So here’s the deal, ladies (and gents who know ladies…): I have been toying with an idea for a book about women, choice, having it all for some […]