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National Safety Month and Fire Safety – The Results

Tweet As you know from my fire safety assessment post, June was National Safety Month, and I chose to take that time to assess the fire safety needs in my home. I turned to Kidde’s Home Safety resource to determine if our home had enough smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. What I found was startling. I began […]

National Safety Month and Fire Safety

Tweet As a work from home mom, I try my best to keep on top of all home-related concerns. The kitchen and bathrooms are (almost) always clean, the laundry is washed if not put away, and I enjoy tweaking the decorating around the house to freshen the look and make our home comfortable for my […]

Travel Channel’s Big Crazy Family Adventure

Tweet This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions belong to Shannan Powell, mom of 3 boys, RM Media community and project manager, and Resourceful Mommy contributor. I love traveling with my family and almost as much as I love the adventure of travel, I love the excitement of planning our trips. It becomes […]

Adhesive Reminder Tags aka I Wish I Could Text My 5th Grader

Tweet In 2013 I wrote a book called Raising Digital Families For Dummies, and for a few months I spent countless hours telling reporters, radio DJ’s, and television talk show hosts that parents need to set strict digital limits for their children, creating digital family contracts that legislate everything from screen time allowances to cell phone […]


Tweet One of my primary goals as a mom is to transfer the treasures of my own upbringing to my children while protecting them from the traumas. My childhood was a mixed bag of wonderful reckless abandon and stormy turbulence. I admired and respected my hard-working mother, yet often missed her presence. I fought without […]

The Joys of Being a Grown-Up

Tweet As I sit here at my computer, there is a couch slipcover in my washing machine. I noticed after performing the delicate surgery of removing it that the tag says, “Machine wash. No tumble dry.” It is currently 24 degrees outside and my neighborhood HOA has a rule against hanging laundry outside, so I […]

Five Ways to Improve IKEA

Tweet IKEA, I know we’ve had an on-again/off-again relationship. Don’t take it personally. There was that sliver of time when I couldn’t afford your European design, flat-packed goodness. The budget of the early-20’s living together in sin demographic allows for one thing: free hand-me-downs. Then we began to make some cold hard cash and suddenly […]

Sharing OTC Literacy Facts With Tweens

Tweet This post is part of a sponsored post campaign. Compensation has been provided. Last week, we shared some staggering statistics with you about the knowledge of tweens when it comes to OTC medications. This week, we wanted to share a little more information with you about the resources available from Scholastic OTC Literacy to […]