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Sharing OTC Literacy Facts With Tweens


Tweet This post is part of a sponsored post campaign. Compensation has been provided. Last week, we shared some staggering statistics with you about the knowledge of tweens when it comes to OTC medications. This week, we wanted to share a little more information with you about the resources available from Scholastic OTC Literacy to […]

Scholastic OTC Literacy Program

OTC Literacy

Tweet This post is part of a sponsored post campaign. Compensation has been provided. Just how much do your children know about the dangers of over-the-counter medications? As parents, we do our best to educate our children about the dangers of drinking, street drugs, and even prescription medication but have you talked to your children […]

On My Knees


Tweet Three and a half years ago I wrote about the pain of parenting, opting to keep the details of the medical decision private and write instead about the emotions I was experiencing. In the end, the decision was made to move forward with a disruptive but mostly pain free treatment for our daughter’s medical issue. A […]

Jesse the Jack’s ABC Zoo

Jesse the Jack's ABC Zoo

Tweet This post is part of a sponsored post campaign. Compensation has been provided. As a mom of two digital natives, I’m constantly looking for digital media that will not only entertain my kids, but that will also meet our rigorous standards for what we’ll allow our kids to view. The number of digital learning […]

Fire Prevention Week with Kidde


Tweet With over a month of the new school year already behind us, all of our children have surely by now reviewed their school’s safety plans with their teachers. They’ve sheltered in place, they’ve prepared for a tornado, and a staple of every school, they’ve reviewed their fire safety plans. But do your kids know […]

Did You Off-Ramp or Take the Access Road


Tweet (This post was originally published 5/5/2011.) The first time I visited my husband’s home state of Texas, I was baffled by the roads running parallel to every major highway.  Imagine building two of the exact same road right next to each other, one with six lanes, one with two, one moving quickly, one not […]

The Myth of the All-or-Nothing Mom

Tweet (This post was originally published 4/19/2010) “…I try to draw the line but it ends up running down the middle of me most of the time.” – Ani DiFranco I grew up in a family that gave very little thought to how other people lived. Certainly we sat around summer picnics and shared all […]

You’re Not a Bad Parent – The Marshmallow Hypothesis

Tweet This post was originally published 9/12/2009. Last week my dad handed me an interesting article he was reading about children and self-discipline. The basis of the article was new research showing that children can be taught self-discipline (is ‘taught self-discipline’ oxymoronic to anyone but me?). While I agree that parents can work with children […]