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Fire Prevention Week with Kidde


Tweet With over a month of the new school year already behind us, all of our children have surely by now reviewed their school’s safety plans with their teachers. They’ve sheltered in place, they’ve prepared for a tornado, and a staple of every school, they’ve reviewed their fire safety plans. But do your kids know […]

Did You Off-Ramp or Take the Access Road


Tweet (This post was originally published 5/5/2011.) The first time I visited my husband’s home state of Texas, I was baffled by the roads running parallel to every major highway.  Imagine building two of the exact same road right next to each other, one with six lanes, one with two, one moving quickly, one not […]

The Myth of the All-or-Nothing Mom

Tweet (This post was originally published 4/19/2010) “…I try to draw the line but it ends up running down the middle of me most of the time.” – Ani DiFranco I grew up in a family that gave very little thought to how other people lived. Certainly we sat around summer picnics and shared all […]

You’re Not a Bad Parent – The Marshmallow Hypothesis

Tweet This post was originally published 9/12/2009. Last week my dad handed me an interesting article he was reading about children and self-discipline. The basis of the article was new research showing that children can be taught self-discipline (is ‘taught self-discipline’ oxymoronic to anyone but me?). While I agree that parents can work with children […]

Four Guys, a Girl, and a Hotel Room in Vegas…


Tweet This post was originally published October 24, 2010. And you won’t believe where we’re going… A year ago I reviewed a book calledSpilt Milk, and while I enjoyed the entire book, there was one passage in particular that never left my heart.  Author Linda Vujnov writes: “‘All men are idiots, and I married the […]

Home Safety Month with Kidde


Tweet This content is part of a sponsored campaign. I just took a long, hard look at my June calendar. With only a week of school remaining, I’m looking forward to leisurely starts to our days and afternoons at the pool. Unfortunately, getting through the next half a month is going to be an incredible […]

And Then I Broke My Children


Tweet This school year has been trying. Yes, I know they’re all like that. I get it. But this one just seemed…soul killing. Between the dying cat who then became the dead cat, the endless snow days and historically frigid winter, the flooded basement that included a probably broken and certainly mangled foot, the pneumonia, the […]

The Voices in My Head

Tweet I remember deciding long before becoming a mom that I would never yell at my kids. It was a ridiculously unfair construct to create for myself, a childless young woman who struggles to close a cupboard door without slamming it or say hello to a friend without tackling them. I live loudly and that […]