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Resourceful Summer Projects

Tweet Who is ready for some DIY home renovations with Resourceful Mommy? A couple of years ago we had work done on our living room and dining room – the only time a professional painter has ever set foot in my house – and while I love it…we still have this big, blank space. I’ve […]

Resourceful Spring Cleaning

Tweet All winter long I avoid cleaning. My clutter builds up and I focus on disinfecting the kitchen and the bathrooms rather than maintaining the entire house. But then something magical happens. Spring arrives, I pull back the curtains, open the windows…and grab my dust cloth! There is nothing to me like the smell of […]

Print and Prosper: Win the Kodak ESP 7 All-in-One Printer

Tweet This contest has ended. Congratulations to Kim! Last October I launched my own at-home business. I knew my start-up costs would be low. After all, my business is primarily conducted online and my office is in my home’s guest room. But one cost that adds up and can overwhelm any family or small business […]

Resourceful Mommy – Now More Resourceful!

Tweet (original photo by blue_j)I have a confession. I’ve been cheating on you. I promise you my resourcefulness – it’s right there in the header – and then I go and give it to other readers. The fact of the matter is that five days a week I write for other sites. Please don’t take […]

Resourceful E-mail Management Tip

Tweet Like many of you, I am bogged down in e-mails. Exciting opportunities sometimes get lost in between blog comments, sneaky spam, pics from family, and marketing e-mails. Just when I think I’m catching up on sorting and responding to e-mail, I suddenly realize I’ve got 300 unread messages and at least as many that […]

Resourceful Tip: How to Remove the Onion Smell

Tweet (photo credit: L. Marie) I love onions. I love the way they taste when they’re sauteed and mixed with other vegetables. I love spring onions rubbed in salt and eaten raw. And I love onions diced into tiny little rectangles and placed nicely across a well-done cheeseburger. But I hate the way they make […]

Springpad It!

Tweet I’ve been meaning to write this post for the last two months. As someone who has attention deficit disorder, organization is a struggle. Add a husband – more confusing. A thirty-five year old house needing upkeep – chaos! And two children….well, you get the idea. Last October I met someone who was working on […]

Organizing with Bins and Baskets

Tweet Cross-posted at Family Eden’s blog, FamilyEden.Net Many of us make New Year’s resolutions every January, and often those goals involve organizing our homes and removing clutter from our lives. This is a long standing goal of mine, but with a small house and a two pre-schoolers, freeing my home of clutter is a difficult […]