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When Back to School Means Being Left Out

Tweet Today my children and I travelled to our favorite value store to purchase the items on my soon-to-be kindergartner’s school supply list. Thankfully, the list was not a mile long, and every item appeared to be a reasonable request, yet somehow we ended up with a cart full of markers, crayons, and folders! About […]

Resourceful Organization

Tweet Just when you thought that the days of large, plastic toys were the most overwhelming obstacle to your attempt to keep order in your home, the land of the little toy emerges. Little People and Weebles turn into Matchbox cars and Barbie shoes and the next thing you know you’re on crutches because you […]

Frugally Fabulous Fashion

Tweet I love to be able to buy the little things in life that make me happy – a Misto from Rita’s, a stuffed animal for my kids, a closer parking space at the theme park – but as they say, the devil is in the details. Paying for the little things in life can […]

Coupon Cave Update

Tweet After writing about how I was living in a coupon cave and had stumbled across some great couponing sites, I heard from other coupon sites who wanted to know – Hey! Where are we? – so I would like to share one more great site with you that has been mentioned everywhere from Mashable […]

Resourceful Design

Tweet A couple of weeks ago I wrote about two design challenged areas of my home that I hoped to tackle this summer. In response to my post I heard from Deb at an incredibly beautiful new site called Fresh Nest…ideas for your home. If you are a fan of DIY design shows then you […]

Living in a Coupon Cave

Tweet There was a very small window of my life where I was great about using coupons. My mom would show up at my house with a baggie filled with coupons for things like Suave shampoo and Pampers Pull-Ups, and I would proudly march into Target or Walmart armed with my little paper arsenal. My […]

Resourceful Technology – Mozy for Moms

Tweet Where are the pictures you took of your toddler trying to give your baby a bottle? How about that shot of your first child crossing the stage at pre-school graduation? Safely stored on your computer? Safely? Really? If you’re like me you know just enough about computers to be dangerous. The fact of the […]

Gift Organization with Gift Elephant

Tweet In February I threw my daughter a fun Pinakalicious 5th birthday party and really felt like I was organized. I bought the thank you cards at the same time as the invitations, and I actually sat down and wrote each and every thank you at the end of the party. They’re still sitting on […]