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An Open Letter to Brands

Tweet Today I received multiple emails that began with, “It was so great to meet you at BlogHer in New York City…” from public relations professionals representing brands sponsoring or attending the conference.  It has been exactly a month since the event, so apparently Google calendar alerts all over the PR world were pinging this […]

BlogHer Scavenger Hunt Fun with PCH

Tweet I just returned from the BlogHer Conference in New York City, and while there were great sessions ranging from the technical to the philanthropic, there was also plenty of time for fun facilitated by amazing sponsors.  Without the financial support of brands hoping to connect with bloggers, conferences would not be able to exist. […]

Sometimes Bloggers Spend Money

Tweet I am going to the Olympics. Yes, the ones in London that begin this week. I bought tickets to two events several months ago with the idea that if I couldn’t go, they’d be easy to unload.  Every now and then I put something related to the tickets out there on social media because […]

Time Saving Tips

Tweet This weekend I’m going to be teaching a small group session at the Type-A Conference on time management.  Over my last four years as a work-at-home mom, I have been forced to create a variety of strategies to complete my work effectively and efficiently not only so that I am no longer working on my […]

Best of Resourceful Mommy: Why Am I Invisible

Tweet During my time in Tanzania with Compassion International, I will would like to share some of my favorite posts from the past. ~Originally posted 12/8/11~ Some bloggers check their “stats” weekly daily hourly to see how many visitors have come to their sites, how long they stayed there, what posts they’ve read, how they got there, etc. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Proving Mom Wrong

Tweet Yesterday I was playing a very enthusiastic game of tag with my son that somehow involved him throwing a basketball at me when I heard my not-very-interested-in-tag daughter say, “Mom, I found a four leaf clover.”  Crazy things happen to my family and let’s face it, we live in a place where space shuttles […]

Wordless Wednesday: Mystery Tree

Tweet Most of the trees in the regional park I walk through each morning are covered in bright green, new leaves, but occasionally I see these trees, their white flowers shocking among all of the brown and green of the spring forest.  I’m hoping that one of my readers can tell me what they are! […]

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Morning

Tweet Most mornings I start my day by going for a walk through the regional park behind my house.  I’ve walked in thunderstorms, snow, and bitter cold, but mornings that look like this are the best… Wordless Wednesday Want more Wordless Wednesday?  Check out:  The Bonafide Life, Better in Bulk, Shanamama, From Dates to Diapers, Not Your Momblog, The Divine Miss […]