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Bloggers, They Only Know What We Show


Tweet Last week ended with a bit of a public brouhaha regarding a personal Facebook image post and an incredibly bold – defamatory? – blog post about said photo.  Like flies to sh…like moths to a flame, blog post after blog post began to pop up on both sides of the issue.  I was mulching […]

Brands, Tweets, and Spamming Madness

Business woman standing outside in front of office building, using mobile phone

Tweet During the second semester of my sophomore year of college, I roomed with an awesome girl named Kerri while my best friend was studying abroad.  We loved living together and hanging out with our other friends on the floor, including our friend Jason.  One afternoon I was sitting on my lofted bed while Kerri […]

Content (Curation) Is King


Tweet Last month I wrote “Hands Off Our Content” after a series of alarming examples of big brands stealing content from independent bloggers. The main offender was, the site associated with a new programming block on Nickelodeon that launched last night.  People were shocked.  How was it okay for a major corporation, one that […]

Hands Off Our Content


Tweet UPDATED: 9/15/12 1:30 p.m. ET We have continued to receive information about other images used without permission including this back-to-school image from  You’ll note that the bold text over the picture covers up image owner Stacy’s watermark. We have also heard from NickMom who apologizes, assures us that they are taking this issue […]

31 Days of…


Tweet Two years ago I wrote a series called 30 Days of Change, a parenting challenge that a small group of bloggers participated in, trying each daily challenge and blogging the results. As last year came to a close, I wanted to try another challenge, but something a little less…deep. I wavered between silly little […]

An Open Letter to Brands


Tweet Today I received multiple emails that began with, “It was so great to meet you at BlogHer in New York City…” from public relations professionals representing brands sponsoring or attending the conference.  It has been exactly a month since the event, so apparently Google calendar alerts all over the PR world were pinging this […]

BlogHer Scavenger Hunt Fun with PCH


Tweet I just returned from the BlogHer Conference in New York City, and while there were great sessions ranging from the technical to the philanthropic, there was also plenty of time for fun facilitated by amazing sponsors.  Without the financial support of brands hoping to connect with bloggers, conferences would not be able to exist. […]

Sometimes Bloggers Spend Money


Tweet I am going to the Olympics. Yes, the ones in London that begin this week. I bought tickets to two events several months ago with the idea that if I couldn’t go, they’d be easy to unload.  Every now and then I put something related to the tickets out there on social media because […]