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Welcome to Resourceful Mommy!

The personal blog of Resourceful Mommy Media founder Amy Lupold Bair, Resourceful Mommy brings readers everything from great parenting advice to resourceful ways to frugally decorate your home to exciting contests.  Resourceful Mommy draws a loyal and engaged audience of readers who continue to read articles under the following categories: Resourceful Blogging, Resourceful Disney, Resourceful Giveaways, Resourceful Living, Resourceful Parenting, Resourceful Reviews, Twitter Parties, Resourceful Giving, and personal posts titled “Resourceful Me.”

Amy Lupold Bair

Amy Lupold Bair, blogger, social media marketer, and mom, is the founder of Resourceful Mommy Media.  In 2008, Amy burst onto the social media scene inventing the Twitter Party – a hashtagged social event with panelists and a conversational theme catering to the needs of clients ranging from e-commerce start-ups to nationally recognized trusted brands.  Developing from her own successful relationships with public relations firms and companies, Amy developed a network for fellow bloggers in early 2009.  The Global Influence Network has grown to include over 2,000 social media savvy bloggers. Stemming from her own commitment to social good, Global Influence continues to implement public service and socially responsible campaigns and events along with consumer product review campaigns and advertorial blog tours.