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Wordless Wednesday Linky: Mystery Flower

Ten (not real and not going to get you anything) points to whomever can tell me what kind of flower the white flower in the middle is.  I put my money on it being  a member of the rose family, but my mother strongly disagreed.  Let’s hear your opinions!

Wordless Wednesday Linky


  1. 25

    Have no idea. Wish I was more knowledgable about my flowers, but it sure is pretty. Happy WW!

  2. 26

    whatever it’s called, i’m just glad it’s flower season and not snow season any longer!

    thanks for the linky!

    ~anna from

  3. 27
    Carrie L. says:

    That would be a ranunculus! They are awesome, one of my fav’s!

  4. 28

    I have NO idea, but I’m reading it might be a peony?! Very pretty!

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