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How to Make Mini Muffins (and not lose your mind)

“God help you if you are an ugly girl, course too pretty is also your doom, because everyone harbors a secret hatred, for the prettiest girl in the room…” -Ani DiFranco

There is a mom at my son’s pre-school who is so tall, so thin, so beautiful (has such a GREAT accent), that I convinced myself for a year that she was someone’s nanny.

She’s not.

Then I decided that she must be a dim-witted trophy wife.

She’s not.

Last week I was standing like a little oompa-loompa beside her in the school’s kitchen. She was quickly and neatly slicing cucumbers while I slopped batter all over the counter trying to get it into those teensy tiny divots in a mini-muffin pan. These cups were downright microscopic, and as I went from using a wooden spoon to a teaspoon, the mess spread over the pans, over my hands, over everything. And I had a second pan to fill…

Then very nonchalantly the tall mom said, “You know, if you pour the batter into a resealable bag and snip the corner it would be much easier for you.”

!!!!!! Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I’ll never be tall/thin/cosmopolitan like my fellow mom, but I sure can take her genius advice and share it with all of you. Consider it a transfer of power. Happy baking. :)

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