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31 Days Update

Thank you for all of your suggestions for what to write about for thirty-one days next month. I received everything from thirty-one days of resourceful tips to thirty-one days of wine (delicious!), but I kept coming back to my idea of 31 Days of Disney. I have so many Disney posts titled or even started that have been hiding away in “draft” that it just seemed to make the most sense to devote some time to a topic that I truly love – Disney. There will be favorite memories shared, travel tips, updates on Disney news, and hopefully some fun pictures and videos shared. Maybe I will even find a way to end the thirty-one days with a Disney inspired giveaway!

It is time to unveil my 31 Days… button, no longer lonely and undecided:



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    Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You says:

    I hear you.. My “drafts” is also full of almost-done Disney posts.

    I can’t wait to read your 31 about my favorite subject!

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