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8 Reasons Why Christians Hurt People


1. They aren’t Christ, they’re Christ followers. Okay, so that’s the most obvious, simplest reason, which I needed to get out of the way before we could continue. For all of the tossing about of the term “Christ-like,” the design of Christianity is that there is one Christ, one Savior, sent to provide us with the grace […]

Rainy Day Summer Fun With #PlayLikeHasbro


We received product to facilitate the below review. All thoughts and opinions belong to Shannan Powell, mom of 3 boys, RM Media community and project manager, and Resourceful Mommy contributor. There’s nothing more frightening to a parent in the middle of summer vacation than the dreaded rainy day. It sometimes seems like your everyday indoor […]

National Safety Month and Fire Safety – The Results

Fire Safety Placement

As you know from my fire safety assessment post, June was National Safety Month, and I chose to take that time to assess the fire safety needs in my home. I turned to Kidde’s Home Safety resource to determine if our home had enough smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. What I found was startling. I began the […]

National Safety Month and Fire Safety

Kidde Hall Smoke Alarm

As a work from home mom, I try my best to keep on top of all home-related concerns. The kitchen and bathrooms are (almost) always clean, the laundry is washed if not put away, and I enjoy tweaking the decorating around the house to freshen the look and make our home comfortable for my family. […]

Travel Channel’s Big Crazy Family Adventure

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This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions belong to Shannan Powell, mom of 3 boys, RM Media community and project manager, and Resourceful Mommy contributor. I love traveling with my family and almost as much as I love the adventure of travel, I love the excitement of planning our trips. It becomes a […]

Love. Just Love.

*deep breath* I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus, a believer of grace through Jesus’s crucifixion on the cross. I believe that I am asked to love people and hate the sin in myself. I believe in the separation of church and state, a construct that protects my rights to worship and live as […]

From Messy to Joyful


Life can be messy. Just this morning I had a conversation with another mom about those long days and sleepless nights of diapering. Apparently the average baby goes through over three hundred diapers in one month of life, and I added that I’m sure my son went through far more than that. Forcing us back to the […]

Inside Out San Francisco Trip Sweepstakes with Clorox


I’ve been told many times that I’m a character. The real question is – which character am I? Fans of Disney*Pixar’s new film Inside Out already know that each of us has a host of characters inside us from the angry version of us to the joyful. You may have found yourself identifying more with one Inside Out feeling […]