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Yesterday evening I received this email from LinkedIn: It took me a moment to realize that I received the congratulations from the ever awesome Lisa over at A Daily Pinch because today, July 22nd, is the sixth anniversary of my first blog post. My reaction? Numbness. For my first bloggiversary, I did what I at the […]

Connections: Compassion Blogging Trip Day 4

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(This post was originally published on May 9, 2012, during my time in Tanzania with Compassion International. It was written on my son’s sixth birthday, my sponsored child’s sixteenth birthday, and contains an ask as important today as it was two years ago. Will you sponsor a child today?) When I agreed to join Compassion […]

Why Am I Invisible – A Response


(originally published 12/8/11 – don’t miss reading comments 46 and 54) Some bloggers check their “stats” weekly daily hourly to see how many visitors have come to their sites, how long they stayed there, what posts they’ve read, how they got there, etc.  For many bloggers, these stats are a constant source of anxiety.  I […]

The Words We Shared


(originally published 8/1/13) When my grandfather died rather suddenly several years ago, I have to admit that I was heartbroken.  He never took me fishing or held my hand while telling me stories.  He hadn’t showered me in gifts or doted on me as some grandfathers do.  He was a man who smelled of motor […]

Boobs, Brains, and Blog Posts That Make Me Scream


Just like you, my Facebook newsfeed is filled with link after link asking me to watch a stunning (Really! You have to see it to believe it!) video or read about an amazing kid who can sing the National Anthem backward in five languages. I usually just scroll past them and instead stare at your […]

Home Safety Month with Kidde


This content is part of a sponsored campaign. I just took a long, hard look at my June calendar. With only a week of school remaining, I’m looking forward to leisurely starts to our days and afternoons at the pool. Unfortunately, getting through the next half a month is going to be an incredible challenge […]

And Then I Broke My Children


This school year has been trying. Yes, I know they’re all like that. I get it. But this one just seemed…soul killing. Between the dying cat who then became the dead cat, the endless snow days and historically frigid winter, the flooded basement that included a probably broken and certainly mangled foot, the pneumonia, the decision […]

5 Ways Disney Parks Push Me to Be a Better Parent


If we’re being honest, we all know that family vacations tend to include more than their fair share of stress. Add a couple overtired children to that stress, and what you’ve got is a recipe for parenting disaster. My husband and I have traveled to Walt Disney World Resort enough times now to be able to do so without […]