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Bloggers. We Need to Talk.


I often say that I’m incredibly grateful that social media came into existence long after my high school and college days. By the time I was first asked to update my status, I was a happily married, peacefully boring, stay-at-home mom. This saved everyone in my generation from the incredible embarrassment of acting a fool […]

Talk to Them


Last month my husband and I visited Spain, first spending a couple days in a Mediterranean beach town, then one night in Barcelona followed by a couple days in Granada. I took over 1,500 photos. Most of them look like this: While the image of the couple embracing on the beach was the perfect moment […]

18 Things That Make Me Happy

the path

I’ve been blogging now for 137 years forever too long nearly seven years, and I’ve never had an interesting About page. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve written interesting About pages. Unfortunately, each clever fact was really a passing thought in my head somewhere between shampoo and rinse/repeat. I have never gotten around to actually writing […]

5 Things You May Not Know About Me – The Truth!


Yesterday I participated in Jen from The Simple Pen’s link-up for posts revealing five things about each writer. My twist was that rather than list five things you may not know about me, I listed ten things – only five of them true. So now it’s time for the big reveal! If you haven’t read […]

5 Things You May Not Know About Me


My friend Jen over at The Simple Pen asked me to join her in writing a post about five things people typically don’t know about me. It’s been so long since I’ve blogged (see the issue of me becoming sick of myself…) that I thought I’d dive right in and give it a try. Then I […]

Everything You Ever Wanted Book Review and Giveaway


This is a guest review post, written by Shannan Powell. We received a copy of the book in exchange for review. To say that I am an avid reader would be an understatement. More nights than not, I find myself falling to sleep with a book or my tablet in my hands. (Let me tell […]

Adhesive Reminder Tags aka I Wish I Could Text My 5th Grader


In 2013 I wrote a book called Raising Digital Families For Dummies, and for a few months I spent countless hours telling reporters, radio DJ’s, and television talk show hosts that parents need to set strict digital limits for their children, creating digital family contracts that legislate everything from screen time allowances to cell phone charging […]

Shutterfly Wall Art and Church Set Design


Over the last year I have devoted most of my hours to the job of worship director at my family’s church home, working on everything from special services to managing the tech crew. One of my roles has been creating set pieces for the chancel area of the sanctuary. I’ve turned the “stage” into a […]