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Travel Channel’s Big Crazy Family Adventure

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This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions belong to Shannan Powell, mom of 3 boys, RM Media community and project manager, and Resourceful Mommy contributor. I love traveling with my family and almost as much as I love the adventure of travel, I love the excitement of planning our trips. It becomes a […]

Love. Just Love.

*deep breath* I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus, a believer of grace through Jesus’s crucifixion on the cross. I believe that I am asked to love people and hate the sin in myself. I believe in the separation of church and state, a construct that protects my rights to worship and live as […]

From Messy to Joyful


Life can be messy. Just this morning I had a conversation with another mom about those long days and sleepless nights of diapering. Apparently the average baby goes through over three hundred diapers in one month of life, and I added that I’m sure my son went through far more than that. Forcing us back to the […]

Inside Out San Francisco Trip Sweepstakes with Clorox


I’ve been told many times that I’m a character. The real question is – which character am I? Fans of Disney*Pixar’s new film Inside Out already know that each of us has a host of characters inside us from the angry version of us to the joyful. You may have found yourself identifying more with one Inside Out feeling […]

Nextbook – The “Next” Thing in Computers *GIVEAWAY*


When I first began blogging in the summer of 2008, my husband bought me a huge laptop that I carried everywhere, took on vacations, lugged on flights to conferences. It was a monstrosity, and I honestly only used it for word processing and Internet access. Along came tablets and we purchased each new variation to […]

About the Girls

The end of last week was a little rough for me. We all have stuff. All of us. And we all have triggers that take that stuff and place it in our consciousness again, bring back feelings we’d rather not feel, cause us pain and anxiety. The recent news about the large, famous family whose […]

Bloggers. We Need to Talk.


I often say that I’m incredibly grateful that social media came into existence long after my high school and college days. By the time I was first asked to update my status, I was a happily married, peacefully boring, stay-at-home mom. This saved everyone in my generation from the incredible embarrassment of acting a fool […]

Talk to Them


Last month my husband and I visited Spain, first spending a couple days in a Mediterranean beach town, then one night in Barcelona followed by a couple days in Granada. I took over 1,500 photos. Most of them look like this: While the image of the couple embracing on the beach was the perfect moment […]