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Baggy Sweatpants, Reeboks with the Strap

reeboks with the strap

About two weeks ago, something strange happened. I got home from an evening out and headed to the master bedroom to change into something more comfortable before spending time with my husband. I was wearing a sweater over a tank top and after taking off the sweater, I literally said “screw it” and kept the […]

The Next Chapter in Disney’s Polynesian Resort Story

Disney's Polynesian Resort

My Polynesian Resort story began in 1981. I was a Minnie Mouse loving three year old the first time I stayed at Disney’s Polynesian Resort with my best buddy Bun Bun in tow. I still remember two of my favorite treasures from that visit – a shell necklace and a floral lei – as well […]

Five Ways to Improve IKEA


IKEA, I know we’ve had an on-again/off-again relationship. Don’t take it personally. There was that sliver of time when I couldn’t afford your European design, flat-packed goodness. The budget of the early-20′s living together in sin demographic allows for one thing: free hand-me-downs. Then we began to make some cold hard cash and suddenly a […]

My Swopper Experience {Discount Code}


I have all but stopped writing product reviews after years of thoroughly enjoying that aspect of blogging mostly because sincerely reviewing products takes more time than I have at the moment. I also am simply far less interested in “stuff” than I used to be, and that includes talking about, thinking about, and writing about […]

Sharing OTC Literacy Facts With Tweens


This post is part of a sponsored post campaign. Compensation has been provided. Last week, we shared some staggering statistics with you about the knowledge of tweens when it comes to OTC medications. This week, we wanted to share a little more information with you about the resources available from Scholastic OTC Literacy to help […]

Scholastic OTC Literacy Program

OTC Literacy

This post is part of a sponsored post campaign. Compensation has been provided. Just how much do your children know about the dangers of over-the-counter medications? As parents, we do our best to educate our children about the dangers of drinking, street drugs, and even prescription medication but have you talked to your children about […]

Brokenness Aside

Brokenness Aside

- All Sons & Daughters, ”Brokenness Aside“ I once had a close friend who shared with me the many inappropriate advances of what I’m going to call The Women of the Internet. If his point was to open my eyes to the sad condition of the human heart, he succeeded. That alone would have been incredibly […]

When to Pour Out and When to Step Out

Photo Credit: Redningsselskapet

My grandmother was in love with Kenny Rogers. I’m assuming she was also in love with my grandfather, but she certainly talked more about Kenny Rogers. The woman who would rather drown newborn puppies than take a dog to the vet would actually blush when she talked about Kenny Rogers. This was serious business. As […]